Pupil power helps to create colourful symbol of hope in town centre

Friday, 4 December, 2020

A colourful tribute to community and hope has been created in Kirkintilloch town centre - thanks to pupil power!Rainbow of Hope - installed

Youngsters from eight local schools joined forces with Your Kirky - aka Kirkintilloch Community Council - to create a Rainbow of Hope in the town's Regent Gardens.

The tribute - which is set to remain in place until next spring/summer - is made up of small stones, each one given a technicolour dream-coat of paint by budding artists from Holy Trinity, Lairdsland, Holy Family, Merkland, Hillhead, Oxgang, Gartconner and Harestanes schools.

Nigel Rooke, of Your Kirky, explained, "The aim of the Rainbow is to create a positive message of hope and support for the wider community. We've been honoured to work with local schools to help bring a bit of extra brightness to the town as the days grow shorter and the nights longer.

"Each year group was allotted a different colour and their efforts have been incredible. I hope everyone who sees it can take a few moments to reflect on the Rainbow and its message. A total of 1,750 children, eight schools, seven colours, one rainbow, one message - we're all in this together."

Pupils carefully collected suitable stones as part of a homework task, with paint supplied by Your Kirky. The stones were then gathered together and mounted on a large board, accompanied by messages of positivity.

The project has been supported by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Councillor Andrew Polson, Joint Council Leader, said, "This visible symbol of hope is a wonderful addition to the town centre. Congratulations to everyone involved - I'm sure it will be an inspirational sight for all in the weeks and months to come. Please remember, if you do need to go out during the current restrictions - stay safe and stay local, supporting our communities and businesses as much as possible."Rainbow of Hope - being installed

Councillor Vaughan Moody, Joint Council Leader, added, "Our talented pupils have once again shown their skills and consideration by helping to create this magical piece of art in Kirkintilloch. We truly are all in this together and the Rainbow is a striking way to remember that. Well done to Your Kirky, and the children and Council officers who helped make it a reality."

The Rainbow has been installed in the central flower bed at Regent Gardens, where Your Kirky aims to carry out spring/summer planting in 2021.

You can view a film about the Rainbow of Hope by visiting https://yourkirky.com/coronavirus/ and https://www.facebook.com/yourkirky

* The amazing Rainbow is pictured after being installed at Regent Gardens by members and helpers from Your Kirky. Photos courtesy of Pamela Marshall.

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