Procession taking place in Kirkintilloch, 12 August 2017

Friday, 4 August, 2017

The Council can confirm it has received notification from the Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Scotland of a significant public procession in Kirkintilloch on Saturday 12 August 2017.

Council officers and Police Scotland colleagues have been working with the organisers to agree the final route and ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for the procession to take place safely and with minimal disruption to the area.

The procession will start at Woodhead Park, with those attending arriving from approximately 10.15am for a service which will take place between 10.45 and 12 noon.  Parking has been arranged for the buses in the former Tom Johnston House site, Gartconner Primary School and the Southbank Business Park complex of the town.

Following the service, the procession will begin at 12.15 and depending on the numbers on the day is expected to fully return to Woodhead Park between 1.15 and 1.45.  Participants will process along Lenzie Road to Townhead and along Cowgate to Peel Park. After laying a wreath, the procession will then proceed down West High Street, Glasgow Road and New Lairdsland Road, up Catherine Street to Cowgate and back along Townhead and Lenzie Road to Woodhead Park. Approximately 2,500 people are anticipated to participate from across Scotland, including 32 bands.   

Depute Chief Executive Thomas Glen advised, “There will be significant additional traffic in the Woodhead Park and Southbank Marina areas as the buses arrive for this gathering and procession and again as the buses depart. Traffic will also be required to stop at the junctions along the route of the procession to enable the procession to pass. We would advise all those who do not need to bring their vehicles in to central Kirkintilloch between 12 and approximately 1.30 to avoid the area at this time.”

The organisers have arranged for appropriate steward numbers to accompany the procession and Police Scotland officers will also be in place, both accompanying the procession and at key points along the route to ensure that traffic stops at road junctions to enable the procession to pass. The procession will only take up the side of the road for their direction of travel to enable traffic to flow in the opposite direction.

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