Notice of Intention to allow appeal at Jellyhill


Friday, 9 February, 2018

An appeal against East Dunbartonshire Planning Board's decision to reject plans for 135 homes on a site at Jellyhill, Bishopbriggs, is set to be allowed by the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA).

The Planning Board refused permission at a meeting on 19 September 2017 following 569 objections from local residents.

CALA lodged an appeal and the DPEA has now issued a Notice of Intention to allow the appeal and grant planning permission.

Planning Board Chair, Councillor Billy Hendry, said, "I am extremely disappointed that the Board's decision to refuse permission has been overturned.

"We received 569 objections from the local community, which demonstrated the strength of feeling against the proposals.

"Residents were concerned about the potential impact on roads, education and health facilities, the character of the area, wildlife habitat, open space, privacy, trees, flood risk and other issues.

"I am saddened that this DPEA decision has failed to back the real concerns of local residents  and the democratic role of the Planning Board.

"I'm also disappointed about the refusal to allow a planning hearing which would have afforded local residents the opportunity to put their views directly to the Reporter. This is something which the Planning Board requested on numerous occasions.

"The matter will be reported to the Planning Board at its next meeting."

The Reporter has advised that he will defer determination for a period of 13 weeks to enable the relevant planning obligation to be completed.

This planning obligation includes a requirement for a Section 75 legal agreement to be prepared to secure: local road junction improvements; an improved footpath along the site-side of the canal; on-site affordable housing; monies towards secondary school education; A803 corridor works; and the upgrade of nearby football pitches.

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