New school is named St. Nicholas’ Primary


Tuesday, 14 November, 2017

The new £10m primary school being built in Bearsden as part of the Council’s Primary School Improvement Programme has been named ST. NICHOLAS’ PRIMARY following a poll of local families.

The name for the new school which is being built on the site of St. Andrew’s Primary to replace it and St. Joseph’s Primary in Milngavie, was picked following a consultation by the interim parent council with both school communities.

Other names in the running were St. Anthony’s, St. Gabriel’s and St. Peter’s. The results of the first vote - which failed to find a winner with a 10% majority - were:

  • St. Anthony’s PS                  47 votes
  • St. Gabriel’s PS                    50 votes
  • St. Nicholas’ PS                   69 votes
  • St. Peter’s PS                      47 votes

A second ballot where families voted between the top two saw St. Nicholas’ PS receive 110 votes and St. Gabriel’s PS receive 88 votes.

Members of the Council’s Education Committee approved the name at its meeting last week and Committee Convener, Councillor Mohrag Fischer, met young people at the site of the new school to unveil the poll results.

She said, “This is a milestone in the life of the new school which is set to open in August 2018. Well done to the interim parent council for running this consultation and bringing both school communities together to make this huge decision.

“St. Nicholas’ is the patron saint of children so there could hardly be a more appropriate name for this fabulous new school which has at its heart the development and nurture of local young people.”  

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