New Hillhead dedicated police officer

Wednesday, 6 July, 2016

Hillhead's new dedicated community police officer is hoping to make a big impact in the area.

PC Alison Lang has just completed her first two months of a role funded jointly by East Dunbartonshire Council and Police Scotland. She will spend her time not just dealing with issues of crime and anti-social behaviour but also working with local residents to ensure Hillhead is a safe and pleasant place for all. 

The dedicated officer forms part of the East Dunbartonshire Community Planning Partnership’s Place approach used in Hillhead and other areas to effectively join up services and better meet local needs.

Previous dedicated officers in Hillhead have not only reduced levels of crime but have worked directly with the Community Wardens, Hillhead Housing Association, local schools and community groups to carry out community clear ups, hold surgeries, take part in community football games and visit vulnerable residents to offer advice and reassurance. 

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie said, "As chair of the Community Planning Partnership I am delighted to welcome PC Lang to the Hillhead community. I'm sure she will be given a warm welcome from residents, who have always been very supportive of the previous community police officers.

"The vast majority of PC Lang's time is spent out and about in the community engaging and building positive relationships with residents, who are reassured to see a friendly face and visible police presence in the area responding to local needs."

PC Lang has been joined by the Community Wardens on regular joint patrols covering the hotspot areas and there are plans to hold safety information days in the community centre where local residents can pop in and talk to them about the issues which affect the local community.

PC Lang said, "Having taken on the role of Hillhead Liaison Officer for the last two months I am delighted to see the continual improvement of the Hillhead area.

"There really is a true community spirit in the area and I have felt very welcomed in my role.

"I intent to continue the good work of my predecessors in the role but I'm also open to suggestions on how the community would like me to spend my time in the area.

"I hope to be approachable and proactive. I aim to be on hand with crime prevention advice and act on concerns raised.

"I believe working in partnership with agencies and linking in with their service offered is the way forward. A lot of work has been done to regenerate the area and I hope my role will provide residents the reassurance and confidence that Hillhead is a safe and welcoming community to live in."

You can contact Alison on 101 or via email on or look out for her out and about on foot or on her bike in Hillhead

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