New Council Webpage provides wealth of Performance Information

Wednesday, 3 November, 2021

mobile phoneThe webpage that highlights the performance of the Council has been updated, making it easier to find information on how well the organisation is doing against its performance indicator targets and compared to other councils in Scotland.

Joint Council Leader Andrew Polson explained, “In our really positive Best Value Audit Report which was published last month, updating the website to better present all of our performance information was a priority for us.

“We publish a wealth of information on how we are performing, from our annual Public Performance Report to the benchmarking on local government in Scotland that is published each year by the Improvement Service – and this new online layout makes it really straightforward for the public to find out how are services are doing. I’d encourage our residents to visit the page and see how we are doing against our priorities – our latest Best Value Audit Report, which we were delighted with, can also be found there.”

The webpage can be found at  East Dunbartonshire Performance and includes sections on the strategic documents outlining the Council’s priorities, the Business Improvement Plans for all Council services, the annual Performance Report, the current quarterly performance reports and includes links to the Local Government Benchmarking Framework, which is published each year.

Joint Council Leader Vaughan Moody added, “The new layout is really clear and well-structured and should help those who are interested in the detail of the Council’s performance to find the relevant information and see how it all connects.

“We introduced case studies, giving live examples of our successes and achievements to our annual performance report last year and have included a section for these which we will be updating on a regular basis.  Whilst it is important as councillors that we scrutinise the Council’s performance, it is also important that the people of East Dunbartonshire can see how we are doing – what is working well and where we are taking action to make improvements for the benefit of our local residents.”

The Council’s annual Performance Report is published each year in February and aligns the performance across Council Services to the Local Outcome Improvement Plan for the area.

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