Joint Leaders respond to Scottish Government announcement on local lockdown measures in East Dunbartonshire

Monday, 7 September, 2020

Joint Council Leaders Councillor Vaughan Moody and Councillor Andrew Polson respond to the Scottish Government’s announcement on local lockdown measures in East Dunbartonshire:Council logo

Councillor Vaughan Moody said, "This is a stark reminder of the continuing impact of Covid-19.  The pandemic is still with us and it is essential that all of us in East Dunbartonshire immediately follow these further restrictions to control the spread of this virus and protect the lives of everyone in this area. Action now to curb the increasing spread will avoid more serious restrictions having to be introduced."

Councillor Andrew Polson added, "This early intervention in East Dunbartonshire must be followed to reduce infection rates and prevent more drastic measures having to be introduced that may impact our schools and businesses. I urge everyone to follow these new measures and ensure that they also observe social distancing, wear a mask where required and practise good hand hygiene."

Read more on the announcement and restrictions here:

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