Help is on hand for tenants struggling with rent payments


Friday, 23 February, 2018

East Dunbartonshire Council is urging tenants to contact them before they allow rent arrears to build up.

The Your Rent Matters campaign, which aims to reduce the level of tenant arrears, highlights the need for customers to keep up with payments.

The campaign has been rolled out across East Dunbartonshire and includes posters, web, social media and local newspaper adverts while tenants in arrears will also receive information with their arrears letters.

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive - Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets, said, "The main aim of the Your Rent Matters campaign is to try and prevent people getting into debt in the first place.

"The first thing to do, if you are having problems paying your rent, is to contact us. Help will always be offered.

"Housing officers can provide advice and support and will work with you to look at realistic and affordable payment options or put you in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau who will help you claim any benefits to which you may be entitled.

"However, tenants are reminded that there are consequences for those who refuse to engage with us.”

If a tenant fails to keep their rent account up to date and arrears are increasing then the Council can, and do, take legal action to seek to recover the lost rent and even the property. Ultimately if rent isn't paid and arrears continue to increase tenants can be evicted.

Over the past year, the Council has evicted a total of 15 tenants from their home for rent arrears.

Mr Glen added, “We would always encourage tenants to pay their arrears voluntarily rather than having to resort to further action and will always try to help those in need.

“Evicting people is a very last resort for the Council. However, we will take robust action against anyone who allows their rent arrears to accumulate."

Tenants struggling to pay their rent should call 0300 123 4510 to speak with their local Housing Officer (Rents Team) who can provide confidential advice, assistance and practical support.


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