Have your say on restoring the Glazert Water

Friday, 28 February, 2020


GlazertResidents are being invited to find out more about an exciting new river restoration project planned for the Glazert Water.

The proposal for the Glazert River Restoration Project in the heart of Lennoxtown is the result of a study commissioned by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Scottish Government to restore natural waterways.

The aim is to provide flood risk benefits to the River Kelvin and to reduce the likelihood of flooding to communities in Kirkintilloch and Torrance. The restoration work will physically restore the Glazert watercourse and revitalise the wildlife corridor serving the communities of north Kirkintilloch, Milton of Campsie, Lennoxtown, Clachan of Campsie and Haughhead.

The Council appointed partners cbec eco-engineering (cbec), who specialise in river restoration and started work in September 2019. The firm has undertaken topographic and ecological surveys to assess the condition of the river and has developed preliminary restoration options for the site with a view to improving the quality of the river.

SEPA will provide technical expertise on the project and have received match WEF (Water Environment Fund) funding from the Scottish Government.

The community is now being invited to a public engagement event to hear more about the project and give feedback on the options being proposed. In addition, views are being sought on ways to improve the amenity and recreational value of the area along the river as well as how links between Lennoxtown and the River Glazert could be improved.

The event will provide an opportunity for informal discussion with representatives from the Council, the project consultants and a SEPA Water Environment Fund representative who can also answer any questions.

Feedback and input from the event will help inform development of the final restoration options for the site and identify opportunities to improve amenity and recreation along the river.

The details of the drop-in event are:

Event details

Location Date and  time
Lennoxtown Community Hub Thursday 19 March, 3-7pm

Councillor Billy Hendry, Convener of Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets Committee, said, "This is a chance for residents to find out more about the proposals for the river and surrounding area and share their views. I would encourage people to come along if they can. As well as increasing protection for communities previously affected by flooding, proposals will help make the wider area more resilient to extreme weather and enhance opportunities for outdoor access and recreation."

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