Have your say on local housing targets

Tuesday, 17 March, 2020


The way in which housing targets in East Dunbartonshire are decided could be set to change.

The Scottish Government is currently carrying out a consultation on how housing targets for council areas across Scotland will be calculated in future. At the moment, local authorities are heavily involved in this element of the planning process. The proposal is for the figures to be decided by the Scottish Government with some local input.

Named the Housing Technical Discussion Paper and published last week, the document is part of a wider consultation on the National Planning Framework 4 which was launched in January and closes on March 31. 

The new National Planning Framework 4 will have the same status as the Local Development Plan when it comes to considering planning applications. Residents are therefore being encouraged to take part in the engagement and let the Scottish Government know their views on this vital planning document.

It can be viewed here: https://www.transformingplanning.scot/media/1296/national-planning-frame...

Interested parties can view the wider proposals at https://www.transformingplanning.scot/national-planning-framework/resour...

Councillor Billy Hendry, Convener of the Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets committee, said, "This is a highly significant proposal as it helps shape how our communities will be developed. The proposal is to change the way in which housing targets are calculated in the future. Currently the Council is involved in this target setting, but the process could become more centralised to the Scottish Government. I would urge residents to make their views known before the end of the consultation period.”

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