Electronic Vehicle Charging – Tariffs to be introduced in East Dunbartonshire

Thursday, 14 September, 2023

AElectrical car charging points tariff will be introduced for using Council owned electric vehicle charging points in East Dunbartonshire from 2 October 2023.

Installation of charging points began in 2016, with the Council now operating 17 across the area.

While installation and initial maintenance was funded by Transport Scotland, the usage until now has been subsidised by the Council to encourage people to invest in sustainable vehicles.

With the levels of usage in East Dunbartonshire increasing in the last few years, introducing a tariff will allow the Council to cover operational costs bringing it in line with most local authorities in Scotland.

The tariff was set and approved at the Council’s Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets (PNCA) Committee on 22 June and will be as follows:

  • Slow and Fast Charge Points – 40p/kWh
  • Rapid Charge Point – 70p/kWh

A maximum stay of one hour will be implemented for rapid charge points to ensure that drivers move on from the space once their vehicle is adequately charged. Staying for more than one hour will be considered ‘bay blocking’ and an additional £30 overstay charge will automatically be applied to the user’s account by Charge Place Scotland.

Councillor Pamela Marshall, Vice Convenor “It’s fantastic that the usage of electric vehicles has risen so much in East Dunbartonshire in just a few years. The Council subsidising these costs until now has played a huge part in encouraging people to use electric vehicles.

“Now that usage has significantly increased it was important that we looked at ways to allow the Council to cover costs and ensure that other services would not be impacted. By introducing this tariff – which brings us in line with other Council’s across the country – we can recover the cost of energy and simultaneously ensure effective maintenance of the points for our residents and visitors.”

The Council’s electric charging points are part of the Charge Place Scotland [opens in a new window] network.

More information including a FAQ’s can be found on Electric Vehicle Charging Points Webpage

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