Local Transport Strategy

Local Transport Strategy 2020-2025

The East Dunbartonshire Local Transport Strategy 2020-2025 is a detailed vision for enhancing transport and travel in East Dunbartonshire. Enhancing the transport network is a key driver for: improving the local economy, improving the environment, increasing social inclusion and delivering health benefits for all residents and visitors of East Dunbartonshire. The Local Transport Strategy (LTS) sets out the Council’s policy on transport, presents Transport Planning Objectives and coordinates future priorities through a series of actions and interventions for active travel, public transport, roads and parking in East Dunbartonshire and beyond.

The LTS has been produced following a comprehensive process that ensured local issues and opportunities were identified at an early stage to allow a detailed action plan to be put in place that will aim to provide positive solutions for all. The review of evidence, policy, route corridor studies and consultations related to transport in East Dunbartonshire is all detailed within the Background Report which can be downloaded from the Documents section at the bottom of this webpage. This evidence review allowed a number of Transport Planning Objectives to be derived which provide a direction for the LTS to follow. A number of options were then generated and compiled within a Transport Options Report which can also be accessed in the Documents section. A period of consultation on the Transport Options Report informed the development of a Draft LTS which was also subject to a further period of consultation. The outcomes of the Transport Options Report and Draft LTS consultations can be viewed in the Background Report and Draft LTS Report of Consultation respectively.

The LTS 2020-2025 therefore draws on all of this evidence and assessment of the Roles and Responsibilities of the Council, transport providers and transport organisations to set out an Action Plan which aims to deliver on the identified Transport Planning Objectives over a five year period.

For further information, e-mail development.plan@eastdunbarton.gov.uk or call the Land Planning Policy Team on 0300 1234510