I am a professional

Regardless of your role, you play an important part in protection children and young people in East Dunbartonshire.

You have the following responsibilities:

  1. To be aware of your organisation’s Child Protection policy
  2. To be alert to indicators of concern in children and young people you have contact with
  3. To respond to concerns you have about a child by acting in accordance with your organisation’s procedures

The links to documents provided on this page will support you in fulfilling your responsibilities. Contact information for partner agencies is provided on the landing page.

West of Scotland Interagency Child Protection Procedures

East Dunbartonshire’s Child Protection policies and procedures are informed by the West of Scotland Child Protection Procedures. These can be access using the following link: http://www.proceduresonline.com/westofscotland/

This website also has links to practice guidance and has the facility for you to sign up for alerts when amendments and additions are made.