Community and Day Centres

The aim of our day care services is to help you stay as independent as possible and to assist you in making choices as to how you spend your time.  They may be provided directly by the Council or delivered by another service provider. 

This may include helping you develop new skills or recover skills you may have lost. In the case of adults with a disability it may be help to move on to other forms of day activity, such as education or employment. It may also be to find out what things you can manage and which things you find difficult.

Day care can also support relatives or friends who are caring for you.

The Council has two centres:

  • Kelvinbank - for people with a learning disability
  • Milan - day centre for older people from ethnic minorities. 

In all other cases we would arrange for you to attend a day centre run by a voluntary or independent agency and can arrange places in centres run by other local authorities, in particular for people with a physical disability.

Requesting Day Care Services

You can request the service directly through Customer Services.  Or you can ask someone else to request the service on your behalf, for example you’re GP, district nurse or community psychiatric nurse.  We will visit you at home to talk about what help and support you need and your partner, carer, relative or friend can be involved.  

A place in a day centre is not always the best solution.  We may also arrange for someone to call at your home and accompany you to an activity on your own or at a local leisure centre or community facility.