Infant Feeding

Whether you decide to breastfeed, bottle feed or try a mix of both it’s important to know that your midwife and health visitor are there to support you before and after your baby is born.  

Breastmilk is the ideal food for infants and provides all the energy and nutrients they need for the first few month of life.  Research shows that the effects of breastfeeding last well into childhood and beyond.

Formula milk is safe but it doesn’t have the extra active ingredients from breastmilk that help protect you and your baby from illness. Formula milk is made from either cows or goats milk that has been processed so that it can be digested by babies, it is really important that you make up formula milk as safely and as accurately as you can to stop your baby getting ill.

More information on Infant feeding can be found at the websites below:

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If you are thinking about venturing out with your baby but are unsure of breastfeeding in public then make the East Dunbartonshire Glasgow Breastfeeding Buddies support group your first stop! 

Monday 10am – 11.30am

Hillhead Community Centre

You can also find lots of top tips and advice on breastfeeding out and about at Getting out and about while breastfeeding | Parent Club

In Scotland breastfeeding is protected by law, meaning it is an offence to stop someone from feeding their child, if under two, with milk, in a public place.   The Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland scheme aims to help businesses and people who breastfeed know their rights and responsibilities.

Breastfeeding Friendly Venues in East Dunbartonshire:

  • Allander Leisure Centre
  • Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre
  • The Leisuredrome

You can also find more breastfeeding friendly venues across Scotland here Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland – Google My Maps

If you are a business or organisation in East Dunbartonshire open to the general public who allow children and would like to sign up to the Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland scheme please contact or visit

Breastfeeding and your business -