Have your say - Budget Consultation 2023/24

We have now analysed your responses seeking your views on the Council’s cost of living support measures and whether further measures should be considered; awareness of the Climate action plan and whether further action should be considered; whether there should be an increase in council tax and fees and charges to help balance the budget and views on the delivery of services in local area. The findings will inform Council Budget decisions to be taken at the meeting on 23 February. 

The Council, which was elected in May this year has identified the Cost of Living Crisis and the Climate Emergency as the two biggest priorities it faces.

Ahead of setting the Budget for 2023/24 in February 2023 we are carrying out a Budget consultation with residents to inform next year’s Budget.

Here is a video that provides an overview of the wide range of Council services we deliver [opens in a new window]

And here is a video outlining this consultation [opens in a new window]. At the time of preparing this consultation our Budget gap estimated for next year could be in the region of £20 million: