Gaelic Medium Primary Education Process & Summary for Parents

Gaelic Education Assessment Process

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Summary for Parents

Do you have a child below school age who has not started school? 

Do you wish your child to be educated in GMPE?

Is there evidence of further demand for GMPE in your education authority area? (Bord na Gaidhlig or Comann nam Parant may be able to help with this information)

If your answer to all of the above questions is 'Yes', you may submit a request to assess the need for GMPE to your education authority. (Guidance on what to include can be found in Paragraphs 1.7-1.9)

The education authority will carry out an Initial Assessment and will write back to you within six weeks of receiving your request.

If the initial assessment finds potential demand, the education authority will then carry out a full assessment (or use its discretion to establish GMPE) which will consider any factors which may affect the decision to secure GMPE. (Factors are listed in Paragraph 1.52).

The education authority will prepare a report within 10 weeks of beginning the Full Assessment, setting out:

  • Its decision
  • Its reasons for reaching the decision
  • When it intends to commence GMPE, if this decision has been reached

As the parent who requested GMPE, you will receive a copy of this report. If GMPE provision is to be secured, your education authority will let you know how to proceed.

It should be noted that a placing request will still need to be made separately for your child in relation to any eventual provision.