First Preference Report - Ward 4

This report details the electorate, the turnout, the quota and the number of first preference votes for each candidate.

Contest Name Total Electorate Total Number of Ballot Papers Received Percentage Turnout

Total Number of Ballot Papers Rejected

Total Number of Valid Votes  Quota
Ward 4 - Bishopbriggs North &
15,642 8,202 52.4 130 8,072 1,615


Candidate Name Affiliation Number or First Preference Votes
 Paul FERRETTI Scottish National Party (SNP) 2,130
Paul GALLACHER Scottish Family Party Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Life 164
Alan HARRIS Alba Party for Independence 121
Billy HENDRY Scottish Conservative and Unionist 1,495
Colette MCDIARMID Labour and Co-operative Party 1,674
Gary PEWS Scottish Liberal Democrats 1,229
Elizabeth ROWAN Scottish Greens Think Global Act Local  410
Lynda WILLIAMSON Scottish National Party (SNP) 849
Total   8,072