COVID-19 Returning Services

Here is some helpful information for employees in service areas that have not been able to operate during lockdown and who are now preparing to return to the workplace so that services can restart.

Please ensure that you speak to your line manager if you have any questions about returning to the workplace.

Broomhill Access Procedures & Site Operating Procedures

These Broomhill Access Procedures detail the site access arrangements for all employees for Broomhill effective from Monday 26 October.

The Site Operating Procedures apply to all services.

Return to work presentation

We have produced a ‘Toolbox Talk’ presentation to explain our approach to reintroducing services and the measures in place to keep you safe in the workplace.  Please view the presentation so that you are aware of all the important information about returning to the workplace

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is an integral part of the workplace and protects employees. It includes systematic regular procedures to detect work related ill health in employees exposed to certain risks. 

Health surveillance is required by law and it is important you attend health surveillance appointments when invited. The Health Surveillance leaflet provides details on our approach and why it is important.

Repairs and Services

It is important that we all follow the guidance for carrying out repairs and services in peoples homes.  We have some key messages for our service users and for employees:

Service Users

- Always keep 2 metres form our colleagues
- Stay in another room if possible, keep all internal doors and corridors clear
- Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser
- Tell us if you have symptoms, are self-isolating or shielding
- Reduce the spread of germs by covering your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow

- Allow our staff to wash their hands before and after carrying out work if you are happy for them to do so.


- Ensure you only work if you are fit and well to do so
- Carry hand sanitiser
- Always have the personal protective equipment (PPE) you need
- Keep 2 metres from the customer and their households
- Wash your hands regularly in line with Government regulations
- Minimise the number of visits it takes to complete a job
- Politely decline the offer of refreshments

We have produced a Leaflet for customers outlining these requirements and commitments.


Procedures for use of Council workplaces during Covid-19 and recovery

The Council has prepared comprehensive procedures to outline how workplaces are being managed to ensure the workforce is safe, in line with Covid-19 guidelines.
You should familiarise yourself with these procedures before you return to work.  If you have any questions, please raise them with your line manager.

General Workplace:
Procedures for use of Council workplaces during COVID-19 and recovery

Broomhill Depot:
Operating Procedures for Broomhill Depot (Combined Services)

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are produced for all tasks and have been updated where required as we move through the Covid-19 Recovery phase and reintroduce more of our services.

 This is the Risk Assessment for Property Maintenance and the Housing Capital Programme.

Tools and Equipment