EDLC Business and Improvement Plan

Purpose and Priorities


East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust, on behalf of East Dunbartonshire Council, is responsible for the operation, management and delivery of Leisure and Cultural services throughout East Dunbartonshire. The services are delivered under the terms of a service agreement with the Council. These services are delivered through five main groupings which are Libraries and Museums, Cultural Development, Sports Development, Leisure Centres and Active Schools. The Trust Articles of Association set out the Key Objectives of the Trust which are reflected in the Culture Leisure and Sports Strategy.  The key objectives are:

  • To advance the arts, heritage, culture and science;
  • To advance public participation in sport;
  • To provide recreational facilities, and organise recreational activities with such facilities/activities being made available to members of the public at large with the object of improving their conditions of life;
  • To advance education; 
  • To advance health;
  • To advance citizenship and/or community development (which may include the promotion of civic responsibility, volunteering, the voluntary sector and/or the effectiveness or efficiency of charities);
  • To relieve those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage;
  • To promote, establish, operate and/or support other similar schemes and projects which further charitable purposes;

Strategic Priorities

As a charity, our main aim is to provide facilities for recreation, sport and cultural pursuits which are of maximum benefit to the community and accessible to all. In order to help deliver our aim a Strategy has been developed with key partners and was formally launched on 14 March 2017.

The Strategy also took account of key National and Local Priorities including SOA (now LOIP) Active Scotland Frame Work and Creative Scotland 10 year plan.

The key ambition and objectives of the Strategy are outlined below:

The Culture Leisure and Sport Strategy (CLLS) was adopted by all CPP and the CLSS sets out the direction for culture, leisure and sport by establishing an overarching ambition for provision within the area. The ambition is to be realised through a series of long-term objectives and key priorities for action. The strategy pulls together national and local priorities in all of the areas that shape culture, leisure and sport to produce a co-ordinated approach to provision.

The strategy has four over-arching objectives that underpin all areas of the strategy.

1. Increasing Participation for All

To increase participation in culture, leisure and sport for all residents, workers and visitors of East Dunbartonshire in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

2. Improving Physical/Mental Health and Wellbeing

To improve health and wellbeing through culture, leisure and sport opportunities that enables everyone in East Dunbartonshire to lead full and active lives.

3. Developing People

To support and develop the network of volunteers and staff involved in delivering culture, leisure and sport in East Dunbartonshire, and to support all individuals in developing their talent, skills and confidence.

4. Maintaining the Quality of Our Existing Culture, Leisure and Sports (CLS) Offer & Maximising Opportunities

To maintain the quality of our current culture, leisure and sport offer, improve existing services and maximise opportunities for providing new activities and services by incorporating high environmental and design standards. Therefore ensuring that East Dunbartonshire has first class culture, leisure and sport venues and services.

Work of the Teams

The teams within EDLC are noted below and all of the teams work to deliver on the key objectives of the CLS strategy prioritising four key themes:

  • People and Partnerships
  • Assets and Facilities
  • Access and Services
  • Communication and Promotion

Although EDLC is not listed as a Lead Strategic Group the five key service delivery areas of Libraries, Heritage & Arts, Sports Development, Leisure Centres and Active Schools contribute to the LOIP for East Dunbartonshire Council.  The range of activities and programmes on offer between Leisure and Cultural services make a clear contribution towards Outcomes two, three, five, and six.  Key examples of these include the Active Schools programme, Sport Development Programme, Learning Opportunities across Libraries and Culture and Partnership working to impact on Health issues through the Live Active, walking programme and weight management and active choices programmes. A brief description of the work of the teams is detailed below:

Active Schools Team

The Active Schools Team work across all ED Primary, Secondary and ASN schools, aiming to:

  • Increase the number of children and young people participating in school and community sport and
  • Increase capacity through the recruitment, retention and development of volunteers to deliver sport in school and the wider community.

The team achieve both of these national outcomes by working closely with pupils, school staff, parents, volunteers, local sports clubs, as well as local and national partners to create a broad range of accessible opportunities both within and beyond the school gates.

Active Schools Coordinators use local and national data to ensure opportunities are targeted at those in most need, tracking success each term through Sportscotland Mysport Data and regular Performance Indicator reviews.

Sports Development Team

Sports Development deliver a wide range of grassroots sport and physical activity programmes across East Dunbartonshire over 49 weeks per year, including holiday programmes.  Activities on offer include:

  • Swimming Lessons – 40 week term time programme following the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Framework along with intensive courses during school holidays to fast track swimmers on to higher levels.
  • Gymnastics - 40 week term time programme in addition to school holiday camps
  • Football – 40 week term time community programme in addition to schools and after schools programme and 9 weeks of holiday camps
  • Rugby – 30 week schools programmes in partnership with local rugby clubs, Education and Scottish Rugby
  • Multi-sport  & ASN programme - 40 week term time programme in addition to school holiday camps
  • Athlete Performance Programme – 40 week strength & conditioning programme to support local athletes in progressing through the pathway of their chosen sport from club / regional to elite level.
  • Club & Volunteer Development – Area based club support across a range of priorities identified by clubs, provision of annual coach education calendar of courses ranging from first aid and safeguarding to sports specific. Volunteer support, training and guidance linking volunteers in sport with clubs and employers across East Dunbartonshire.
  • Sports Council administration
  • Support Council and other partners with targeted programmes for example Snack & Play and Summer ASN activities.

In order to effectively develop and promote the above sports and opportunities, we work in partnership with a variety of organisations including sportscotland, governing bodies and local clubs.

Heritage & Arts Team

EDLC Heritage & Arts Service provides free physical and digital access to museum and archives collections and widens access to participation and learning through the offer of a broad cultural and creative programme. Specialist staff support access to online resources, including local archives and family history.

The Heritage & Arts Service works to embrace and celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion through:

  • Community engagement and partnership working
  • Exhibitions, performance, activities and events programme
  • Targeted work through externally funded programmes.

We engage with people through local heritage, archives & collections, cultural assets and heritage & arts programming, contributing to improved mental health and well-being. We do this through:

  • Operational management of three heritage venues; The Auld Kirk Museum, Lillie Art Gallery and Kirkintilloch Town Hall & Heritage Centre,  which enables access to civic and national collections through permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions
  • Heritage & Arts learning opportunities through talks, workshops, co curated exhibitions and events
  • Access to and engagement with physical and digital local studies, family history and archives collections
  • Engagement opportunities for children, young people and adults in visual and performing arts.
  • Externally funded programmes which enhance our service offer by providing projects which target priority groups and Place Areas
  • Developing partnerships to maximise opportunities to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Provision of high quality, affordable spaces, for the use of local businesses, groups and individuals for business and social interaction.

Leisure Centres

EDLC Leisure Centre allow public access to a range of sports and physical activity opportunities to the public. There are three large multi-purpose facilities in the area which are all four star visit Scotland accredited and attract over 1 million customers every year.  The centres are also our main base for the extensive Sport Development programme

EDLC Centres provide facilities for:

  • Swimming
  • 280 Fitness Classes each week.
  • Sports activities including Badminton, Squash, Football and Table Tennis.
  • Live Active Exercise referral scheme.
  • Children’s Play Activity.
  • Sports Development programmes including swimming football and gymnastics.
  • Access for a number of local Sports Clubs.
  • Access for schools.
  • Gym membership totalling 9758.


EDLC Libraries offer free and universal access to resources for reading, learning and enjoyment.  Specialist staff support access to a world of information, knowledge and ideas; in particular we strive to ensure every citizen of East Dunbartonshire has access to online and digital resources.

The library service works to earn its place in the heart of communities. The service celebrates equality, diversity and inclusion and is committed to supporting people by improving:

  • Reading, literacy and learning
  • Health and Social & Economic Wellbeing
  • Achievement and employability

Our priorities include:

  • Free access to books, newspapers electronic newspapers & magazines, audio and e-audio books; and a wide range of online services (many of which are paid for subscriptions but free to library members). 
  • Support with reading for pleasure, from committed staff offering help to select and promote a wide range of library resources and activities; including a growing number of local reading groups.
  • Digital inclusion; including free internet access, access to high quality modern devices (laptops, tablets and printers), use of new and emerging technologies, information on internet safety and one to one and group digital support and coaching.
  • A programme of social and cultural activities – including classes, cultural activities and informal learning opportunities.
  • Providing access to warm, safe community spaces and meeting spaces
  • Supporting reading, informal learning and social opportunities for children, young people and their families, offering a wide programme of focussed activities including Bookbug Sessions, Code Clubs and visits to schools and early years settings.

An inclusive offer with targeted and tailored services and activities in libraries and community venues, including dual-language books and a Home Library Service.

Key Improvement Actions for 2023-2026

  • Increase access and participation through delivery of EDLCT Digital Strategy
  • Increased access and participation through the introduction of a touring exhibitions programme and development of a performance and events programme.
  • Increased access to venues through events, activities and community usage
  • Contributing to Place priorities and supporting inclusion and achievement through e.g, The Wee Green Library project and Lennoxtown Artist in Residence – a Shared Prosperity Fund funded project.
  • Using data and customer engagement to improve service provision across cultural services. 
  • Contributing to improved health and wellbeing through partnership working with East Dunbartonshire HSCP on delivery of the Improving the Cancer Journey Service.
  • Contributing to improved health & wellbeing through provision of specific and targeted activities in Libraries in partnership with EDVA – e.g., Kindred Cafes, audiobook silent walks.
  • Contributing to improved health & wellbeing by supporting people living with dementia, in partnership with Memories Scotland.  
  • Development of libraries digital support through delivery of the CLD plan for East Dunbartonshire.
  • Implement EDLC Digital Strategy, lead by Digital Communications Officer and supported by EDLC Digital Champions
  • Using data and customer engagement to improve service provision across leisure services
  • Increased access and participation to Leisure services through events, activities and community usage.
  • Open phase two of the New Allander October 2023.

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