Domestic Abuse Policy

This Domestic Abuse Policy complements the Policy for Health, Safety and Welfare at Work and focuses on the issues relating to domestic abuse from an employment perspective.  It has been prepared taking account of the recommendations contained in Equally Safe – Scotland’s Strategy for Preventing and Eradicating Violence against Women and Girls and also the Council’s policy in relation to professional practice relating to domestic abuse within its area.

The Council is aware of its duty of care as a good employer for ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its employees at work, and for creating an environment in which employees are safe to disclose their experience of abuse in order to access support and increase safety for themselves and others. However, the right of employees not to disclose must be respected and no employee should feel pressured into sharing this information if they do not wish to do so. For some employees the workplace is a safe haven and the only place that offers routes to safety.

This Domestic Abuse Policy applies to all: Chief Officers, Administrative, Professional, Technical, Clerical, Manual, Craft and Teaching employees.