Covid-19 – Shielding – Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire

Frequently Asked Questions – 07/08/20

Why has Renfrewshire/East Dunbartonshire been identified for restrictions ?

We are placing some restrictions on your area of due to an increase in numbers of people testing positive with covid-19 locally.   We are therefore providing guidance to those who could be highest at risk.

Should I go back into shielding?

We are not advising people to start shielding again. It is however important to consider the number of people you are in contact with, and be particularly vigilant about following public health guidance on physical distancing and hygiene measures. If you have been in contact with anyone who tests positive, you will have already been contacted through the test and protect service and should therefore be isolating. 

Why am I not being advised to shield?

We know this might be a particularly anxious time for you if you were previously asked to shield. The clinical advice is that you do not need to shield. However, we are keeping the situation under constant review and will not hesitate to change our advice if we think we need to.

What about Schools – will they remain open?

Yes, we are taking other measures in order to control the outbreak and support the continuation of full time education. It is vital that these measures are followed in order to ensure that schools can remain open. As we have not changed our advice to shield, children who are shielding should still be able to attend school – though, as with all our shielding advice, we will keep this under review. 

Is it still safe for me to go to work?

Our assessment of the evidence is that we do not yet need to change our advice to those coming out of shielding on going back to work. However, we continue to urge all employers to support staff to work from home wherever possible, and we urge employers to take particular account of those who were shielding, especially now when we are urging vigilance.

I’m concerned about these cases; what should I do?

Remember the FACTS advice and most importantly follow it stringently.

Always wear a face covering in shops and public transport etc. Avoid crowded places. Clean your hands regularly. Keep a 2 meter distance from people outside your household. If you do have symptoms self-isolate and arrange to get tested immediately so that anyone you have been in contact with can be looked after as well.

What other restrictions are being made?

In order to prevent the further spread of the virus, if you are in East Dunbartonshire or Renfrewshire you should not meet people who are not in your household indoors – that includes in your house. This will help to reduce contact with others and stem the spread of the virus.

What if I am part of a household support ‘bubble’

Single people and single parents of children under 18 can continue to meet with their existing support bubble.