Early careers programme

The Council is the largest employer in East Dunbartonshire.  Our Council vacancies are advertised on weekly basis on the MyJobScotland recruitment site where you will find details about the organisation and the area if you would like to find out about working here.

Early Careers Programme

In addition to the permanent and temporary vacancies that we advertise, the Council also runs a number if programmes to support unemployed young people in the area, to provide them with valuable work experience and career development support and training.  These are:

Modern Apprenticeships

Modern apprentices are employed each year across a number of Council services.  An Apprenticeship typically lasts either two or three years.  Successful recruits receive on the job training and day release to attend college and work towards a national qualification.

Vacancies are advertised annually from March.


Our Graduate+ scheme provides underemployed and unemployed graduates with a 12 month graduate work placement in a relevant service area.  The programme includes service specific training and work experience and the development of transferable skills through group workshops and sessions with the graduate team.

Vacancies are advertised annually from May.


Our Work+ initiative provided vulnerable young people who found it difficult to enter employment with work experience in a range of service areas and general support in employability.

The current programme has now finished.  Further opportunities will be promoted locally.


Modern Apprentice Case Studies

Hear from seven of our former Modern Apprentices on their experiences working with the Council and how it has changed their lives for the better. Their advice to anyone considering joining an Early Career programme is simple - go for it!

Molly from Bishopbriggs, Early Years Apprentice

Hi my name is Molly and I have just completed my Modern Apprenticeship in Early Years. I left school in summer 2019 and started in Baljaffray Early Years Centre in August. 

Working with children has always been my passion. Being dyslexic I thought it would not be possible or at the least very difficult to follow this career path and gain the qualifications needed to become an early educator. But I was given an opportunity to join the MA program.

I knew this was the best route for me as I would be learning first hand with the staff and children whilst attending college once a month for the theory. The encouragement and support from management and staff helped me fulfil my dreams. I am so happy that I was given this opportunity and I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to others. Working within the Centre has increased my skills and confidence and I have been able to support the children throughout the last year and a half, through the pandemic which has been a difficult time for all. I was over the moon when, after an online interview, I gained a permanent position as an Early Years Worker within East Dunbartonshire Council. I’m really excited about what the future will hold for me!

Bobbie from Kirkintilloch, Early Years Apprentice

bobbie, early years apprenticeBefore getting into the Early Years Modern Apprenticeship programme I had just left school and was working part time in Poundland. When I got offered the position I was over the moon as it put me on track for a real life grown-up job despite being only 18 at the time. This opportunity has set me up for life having now secured myself a permanent position at Lennoxtown Early Years Centre! Lockdown wasn't easy on the childcare sector but we certainly made the best of a bad situation and have done everything to ensure children get the most positive early years' experience. Figuring out new rules and guidance can be challenging but eventually you get the hang of it and everyone’s in the same boat.

The hardest part for me was entering a completely new environment but the children make you instantly at ease and bonds with staff build up over time especially when you try your best to help out when you can. I hope to continue where I am for a while then advance to university to get a primary teaching degree and this apprenticeship has been a great stepping stone in getting me closer to my dream career.

For future candidates I’d say just be yourself, be confident and just let go and join in, dance your heart out and make a fool of yourself because that’s what builds the best bonds with the kids. Ask questions if you aren’t sure and take the initiative to help out whenever you can and all the staff and kids will love you for it.

Jason from Twechar, Roads and Civils Apprentice

jason, roads and civils apprenticeI had worked in warehousing since leaving school, but was really chuffed to get a job in 2018 as a Roads Apprentice with East Dunbartonshire Council. It was quite a change going from a warehouse job to working on the roads as it’s a very different work environment but I am so glad I did it. Getting a chance to work and attend college really suited me. When lockdown happened it was difficult but I was extremely fortunate to be able to apply for a full-time position within my team. I was successful and am now continuing to build up my skills and knowledge and hopefully be in a higher promoted position one day. My advice to future candidates is to go for it - it’s a great opportunity and a great place to work. Try to learn as much as you can and always take pride in your work and learning.

Aidan from Bishopbriggs, Construction Management Apprentice

Before becoming a Modern Apprentice with East Dunbartonshire, I attended North Glasgow College and gained a NC and HNC in Building Services Engineering. Upon leaving college I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to do next and I had a couple of different jobs before I saw the advert for a Construction Management Apprentice at the Council. After reading into the apprenticeship and what was on offer and what my career prospects could look like after completing it, I knew this is what I wanted to do.

aidan, construction management apprenticeI was ecstatic when I found out I was successful in getting the apprenticeship and couldn’t wait to start. When I started, my team and everyone else within the Council were very welcoming and helped me settle in quickly. I began shadowing the other apprentice and Project Managers within the team to learn as much as I could until I became more experienced and confident enough to have my own responsibility, leading on smaller tasks and then progressing from there. I also attended South Lanarkshire College as part of my apprenticeship and obtained an A in HNC Construction management and I also achieved an SQV in Built Environment .Throughout my apprenticeship I was part of many great projects and towards the end I was even project lead on Oakburn Early Years Centre which helped with me receiving Young Employee of the Year in the 2020 Council STAR Awards and I also won Apprentice of the Year at the 2020 APSE Awards. 

COVID and lockdown has been difficult however I kept myself busy and my mind occupied with work and other things and learned how to adjust to it and how to keep positive through it all. My hard work throughout COVID and the whole of my apprenticeship paid off when I was successful in becoming a Project Manager within the Major Assets team. My aims are still based off of the same principles as my aims when I was an apprentice and that is to keep working hard and to keep learning and improving now as a project manager as much as I can. I want to manage as many projects as possible to become an experienced and successful Project Manager.

My advice to future candidates would be to work hard and learn as much as you can within the HNC and SVQ that can help you in the workplace and also be keen to work on as much as you can and don’t be afraid to learn from everyone in the team.

Christopher from Milngavie, Streetscene Environmental Apprentice

christopher, streetscene apprenticeI applied for my Streetscene Apprenticeship while still at school and started my career at 16 years old, based at Langfaulds Cemetery in Bearsden. I attended Daldowie Training Centre two days per week and have just completed my Level 2 Horticulture and along with the CAT Training I undertook, have achieved my Modern Apprenticeship in Horticulture.

The work has been varied, every day is different. I have gained knowledge of how risk assessments and depot audits are carried out and the importance of Health and Safety at all times. I was given a project of caring for the grounds at Milngavie train station, redesigning the beds including identifying the appropriate plants, trees and shrubs to use. I have also worked alongside the Care of Gardens team and been trained to line football pitches and also helped maintain the grounds of Kilmardinny House in Bearsden, requiring me to litter pick, and prune shrubs. I have also worked alongside cemetery teams, learning about the operational side of this service. All this experience helped me gain a full-time position with my team which was the best news of 2020!

Aedan from Lennoxtown, Streetscene Apprentice

aedan, streetscene apprenticeI started my career as a Streetscene Apprentice because I’ve always loved the outdoors and anything to do with nature and feel this is an amazing opportunity to make a difference to the environment and my community. Working with different squads has helped me develop as a person and I always look forward to going to work because I love what I do.

Working with tools and machinery especially in residents’ gardens is a huge responsibility, but I’m now far more confident and feel a real part of the team knowing the other operatives have trust and confidence in me to use equipment safely and efficiently.

Every day is different! Some days I work on Care of Gardens which is maintaining often elderly residents' gardens. Other days I can be at schools or sports centres. I have also been lucky enough to learn pitch marking.

I am regularly involved in Streetscene activities, litter picking and keeping the bins emptied and the streets clean and safe. I love preparing beds and planting them out. It’s great to see them grow and look amazing.

The Council has put me through my C1 license and I’m currently going through my C1+E trailer licence which is really important to have and also undertaking my PA1 and PA6 pesticides training at college which will open up more opportunities for me. I have achieved my Level 2 Horticulture and will return to college to undertake my Frontline Environmental Services (FLES) qualification, further enhancing my knowledge and employability.

I consider myself so fortunate to have been given this opportunity - it has really changed my life for the better and in 2020 I gained a full-time job with the Council, which was an amazing positive achievement in an otherwise difficult year.

Jenna from Bishopbriggs, Business Admin Apprentice

jenna, business admin apprenticeI left Bishopbriggs Academy in 2013 near the end of S6 and was delighted when I was successful in getting a Business Administration Apprenticeship with East Dunbartonshire Council. I applied for an apprenticeship after leaving school because I felt that I was not one for educational settings. I was an active learner and I was also quite a nervous person, so I felt college/uni was not for me personally.  My apprenticeship was very varied and I worked across different teams as part of their admin support and duties included customer service, data entry, data management and system maintenance. I developed a range of new skills: team work, project management, interview techniques, customer service (dealing with challenging customers), confidence and communication. The benefits of following an apprentice pathway were that I was given a chance at a career at a very young age that I don’t think I would have got anywhere else. By the time I was 18 I was gaining experience and skills most people my age would learn in a few years’ time, so I was ahead of the curve. I created relationships and bonds with people across the organisation that have helped gain further knowledge into areas I was never fully aware of, which has opened countless opportunities for me along the way eg. working at elections as a polling officer as well as working in the election count. I gained friendships with colleagues and fellow apprentices that will last a life time and I know I always have their support to fall back on.

After my first year I gained my qualification, I was free to apply for jobs internally - the first year was about your qualification and the second was for gaining work experience. I went for a few interviews however was successful for the GIS Support Assistant post which was a full-time permanent post so I was ecstatic. After five years of building my technical knowledge and experience I applied for a promoted post within my team, which I was lucky enough to be awarded. I had to do a presentation in my interview as well as answer questions but it was totally worth it, I am now the Land Planning Technical Officer and doing a job that people I knew from school had to study at University to be able to do. Thanks to my work experience and skill set I had gained, it was me who they chose for the job. At the age of 19 I was able to buy my dream car at the time, and now I have bought my own home, I have my own little puppy and doing things most people my age are striving to achieve (I am 25). I would honestly, hand on heart not change a thing and sacrifice everything all over again to be where I am today and I would never be here without my apprenticeship. That is just a fact.