Bishopbriggs Community Hub and War Memorial Hall projects Consultation

This consultation is now closed as of 25 August 2016

The remodelling and refurbishment of the Bishopbriggs Community Hub and the refurbishment of the Bishopbriggs War Memorial Hall are identified in the Council's 10-year Capital Investment Programme. These two projects represent an investment of £3.1million into the Bishopbriggs community.

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Bishopbriggs Community Hub

The Council is seeking to improve access to a range of services for its customers through its network of Community Hubs, from an easily accessed location, in an environment which:

  • Welcomes customers
  • Delivers services which match the expectations of customers
  • Promotes a mutual sense of civic pride in both customers and employees
  • Reflects the vision and ethos of East Dunbartonshire Council as a progressive organisation in tune with its customers

The aim is that most customers will be able to complete their business in a single visit and when a return visit, or more specialised advice, is required an appointment will be made for a time suitable to the customer. Appointments will be conducted in the Community Hub where specialists will have access to interview rooms and computer systems in order to provide their service to the customer. The Community Hubs will provide the following main customer facing services:

  • Reception and customer service facilities
  • Library services
  • Booking and payment facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Community e-learning
  • A multi-purpose room for children’s activities and reading groups
  • An enhanced heritage space

One of the principal aims of the Community Hub is to modernise and re-organise existing Library Services. After the William Patrick Library, Bishopbriggs has the highest business levels across the district and offers a wide range of resources and activities to the community.  Working with community stakeholders, East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust supports wider initiatives and priorities for literacy, digital inclusion and wellbeing. The library will provide similar facilities to other Community Hub projects such as Kirkintilloch, Bearsden and Lennoxtown.

Bishopbriggs Memorial Hall

The Bishopbriggs War Memorial Hall is to be the subject of a refurbishment programme to modernise the building improving aspects of the building including its toilet facilities, entrance lobby, and function spaces.

The refurbishment will assist in promoting the Council's objectives of:

  • Maximising the hire of the building by groups and individuals for private and community use
  • Promoting the usage of the hall more widely and expand the range of hirers
  • Encouraging the widest possible use of the hall for community activities
  • Offering a varied and thriving multi-purpose venue to the community

The War Memorial Hall has been a feature of the life, the history and the landscape of Bishopbriggs since it was built in 1961. It has unique selling points. It is the largest venue in the town and is considered by regular hirers to be superior to the other nearby venues. The central location makes it very accessible, with easy access to the main routes. Having the adjacent Council car park for some 25 to 30 vehicles makes it even more attractive. With, for example,  an enhanced main entrance, a refurbished Main and Lesser Hall, a refurbished cloakroom and toilets and a new finishing standard kitchen, the whole package will have a great deal to offer.


An information session was held at the War Memorial Hall on Thursday 28 July to allow residents to find out more about what is planned for the facilities at an early stage in the design process. The session was supported by prominent members of the project team from the Council and the Leisure and Culture Trust.

A follow-up information session will take place at Bishopbriggs War Memorial Hall on Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs on Thursday 18 August from 4pm-7pm and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.