Place: Lennoxtown


Lennoxtown is the largest village in the Parish of Campsie. It was originally called Newtown-of-Campsie.  It became so closely associated with Lennox Corn Mill and Lennox Mill Calico Print Works, that it eventually became known as Lennox Town. Locals often refer to Lennoxtown as 'Campsie’  perhaps because it was the largest settlement in the Parish.

Work in Lennoxtown began in 2014 with a Charrette workshop and some community research. The priorities were identified as: 


 A priority for Lennoxtown in relation their safety is to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour.  To achieve this a number of related areas were also identified, including improving youth activities for those 12+, and improving the physical environment of the main street.  There was also felt that a number of unsafe driving practices existed within the village and that parking on the main street presented a safety issue.  Another priority was to improve support to those with addiction issues. 

Developing the Third Sector

Lennoxtown has a number of voluntary groups working towards improvements for the village in a variety of ways, including the Campsie Memorial Hall Trust. To support the third sector within the village, community planning partners are  working towards increasing the connectedness of voluntary groups and increasing the groups’ connectedness with service providers.  In these ways any duplication of efforts can be reduced and joint working can be encouraged.  There is also a push towards increasing volunteering levels.  

Children, families and young people

This will include working with Early Years facilities using family learning approaches to engage and work with families in Lennoxtown.

There has been a lot of activity in Lennoxtown over the recent years to identify local issues with a view to creating a community plan for moving forward.

A short term working group was established involving local residents to address local issues and priorities within the village. Local residents have led the development of the plan in partnership with the Council and other community planning partners. In the summer of 2018, several open consultations were held to gather feedback from the local community on the draft plan the working group produced. The 'Lennoxtown Place Plan 2018-2023' describes a range of themes, priority areas and comprehensive range of actions to move the village towards the vision which has been set by the local community who are committed to working together with local services to improve the village.

For more information please contact Community Planning and Partnerships on 0300 123 4510