Connecting Milngavie town centre to popular active travel routes

brown sign in the milngavie town centreA pioneering project has helped to better connect the busy town centre to a network of popular active travel routes.

Milngavie Precinct recently welcomed seating, planters and informative artworks as part of an initiative by Milngavie Business Improvement District (BID) and the Council.

Additions at the repaved 'gathering area' - opposite the start of the West Highland Way - include:

  • A magnificent mural-map made out of weathered steel (corten) - standing at three metres - displaying local landmarks and routes
  • A large-scale slate and bronze artwork embedded in the paving, depicting the local area, with significant locations marked by cast bronze discs
  • A corten commemoration of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, next to the iconic red telephone box which he designed. The boxes were manufactured at Kirkintilloch's world-famous Lion Foundry.
  • A bespoke seating area and new picnic tables by the play park entrance
  • Large decorative planters
  • A three-panel corten design celebrating the Allander Water, River Kelvin and active travel.

The project has been designed to link to artworks installed at the entrance to the West Highland Way - across Douglas Street - in 2018.

map drawn on white tile floor showing the location of glasgow, milngavie, kirkintilloch and the canalThe new features are complemented by a bench, wayfinding panel and planter in similar style, which were installed on Station Road.

Works have been funded by Milngavie BID and the Council, with support from Transport Scotland and Scottish Government active travel and town centre schemes.

The project was planned and delivered by Page\Park Architects, with fabrication carried out by Sculpture & Design Ltd.

Milngavie BID Chair Graeme Ross said, "These fantastic improvements helped to transform the area around the play park and have been popular with residents of all ages, walkers and visitors. Around 40,000 people per year converge on the town centre thanks to the West Highland Way and this is a great way to encourage them to spend more time here, while attracting additional interest from East Dunbartonshire and beyond."

Milngavie was named Business Walking Champion as part of the 2021 Scottish Walking Awards.

Ann Davie, Depute Chief Executive of the Council, said, "As well as helping people to find their way around, the additions encourage active travel, and raise awareness of the area's history and stories.

"The area opposite the entrance to the West Highland Way is a great focal point for people to meet and interact - old and young, residents and visitors. We're committed to improving all our town centres and it's great to work with partners like Milngavie BID on such exciting initiatives."

Milngavie BID is continuing to work with Page\Park to develop additional wayfinding and furniture, linking the town centre with the train station and Lennox Park.

Page\Park said, "The project recognises the important role the pedestrianised precinct plays for locals and visitors alike, and seeks to provide a focal point for these groups to meet, interact and to be directed to attractions around the town. Working with Milngavie BID and East Dunbartonshire Council has been a rewarding experience and we're looking forward to seeing more projects of this type progress in the future."

Phil Prentice, National Programme Director - Scotland's Improvement Districts, added, "The leadership, agility, determination and compassion shown by the Milngavie BID throughout these difficult times underpins the value of businesses collaborating with their Council, charities and the wider community. We applaud their efforts and wish them continued success."

* Milngavie Business Improvement District (BID) is a business organisation formed of stakeholders and representatives of local businesses, which plans and delivers a series of projects, initiatives and events in Milngavie town centre. Visit the Milngavie BID website for more information.