Community Planning Executive Group

The Executive Group comprises of lead officers from our main partner organisations to ensure effective delivery of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan.  The Group meets every two months and reports on progress twice yearly to the Partnership Board.

Community Planning Executive Remit

The Community Planning Executive Group has responsibility for the following: 

  1. Child Protection Chief Officers Group
  2.  Place
    (East Dunbartonshire has been recognised as one of the best areas to live in Scotland based on people’s health, life expectancy, employment and school performance.  Economic activity and employment rates are high and the level of crime is significantly below the Scottish average.  Despite this, inequalities exist across the authority and there are pockets of deprivation where the quality of life falls well below the national average.
    The analysis of local data and outcomes from workshops held with our Community Planning Partners confirmed this continuing gap in equalities between our most and least deprived communities.  Over the coming years there needs to be a strong focus on reducing inequality and disadvantage across East Dunbartonshire)
  1. Partnership performance
  2. Public Service Reform
  •  Budgeting and Resource Issues
  •  Redesign of Community Justice
  •  Integrated Health and Social Care
  •  Stakeholder Engagement
  • Any additional items

Community Planning Executive Group Papers

From 2015 onwards:  Draft Executive Group papers and Minutes from the Community Planning Partnership Board meetings can be accessed in the Council's Committee Documents.

Prior to 2015:  These papers can be accessed in the Documents section of this page.