West of Scotland Loan Fund

The West of Scotland Loan Fund (WSLF) provides finance to new and existing small businesses in East Dunbartonshire, on the basis of helping firms 'in need'. The scheme will not be the sole funder, but will operate with other investors and lending agencies. WSLF aims to encourage the creation and growth of small businesses which can contribute to the East Dunbartonshire economy in terms of jobs, growth, potential etc.


Loans can be used for the purchase of plant and equipment (new or used), the purchase of heritable property and to provide working capital for a growing business.  Loans cannot be used for property development or to obtain private cars.

The maximum loan is £100,000 and can be paid back over periods of up to seven years (although holidays from capital repayments for up to six months can be considered).  The interest rate is fixed for the period of the loan and is currently 5%.


Businesses must have less than 250 employees and be involved in the manufacturing, service to manufacturing, construction, wholesale, transport and distribution, software development, agriculture linked to farm diversification or tourism sectors.

NB: Retail and licensed premises are not eligible for support.

The West of Scotland Loan Fund CAN NOT support sole traders and partnerships with 3 or less partners.

How to apply

Applications for the WSLF are done online.  If you would like to apply to the West of Scotland Loan Fund please go to the WSLF website and register your interest.