Bishopbriggs Public Realm Plan – Online Exhibition

Design for the new Civic Space in Bishopbriggs town centreWelcome

Below you will find a link to our interactive exhibition which presents designs for the new Civic Space in Bishopbriggs town centre – the same designs you can view on Saturday 17 June in BetterBriggs Community Garden (at the Triangle Shopping Centre, next to St Matthew's Church) – where the new Civic Space will be created.

First we want to give you some context.

What is this engagement?

The Bishopbriggs Public Realm Plan (published in the summer of 2022) set out aims to give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, rework the existing public realm and deliver new public spaces – creating new opportunities for social interaction and play, and helping to make the town centre a more active, inclusive and engaging place. These design proposals take forward and build on the aspirations set out not only in the Public Realm Plan, but also in the Bishopbriggs Town Centre Strategy (2018).

As part of this third and final stage of public engagement in relation to the design process for Bishopbriggs town centre, our designs will be available for viewing until 5pm on 30 June 2023.

What stage is the project at?

‍During February 2023, we asked you to help us shape the concept designs for the most critical projects and sub-projects developed as part of the Public Realm Plan. The concept design stage was concluded in April 2023.

A copy of the Stage 2 Consultation Report is available to read or download (link opens in new window).

Your feedback has helped to shape a more detailed design proposal for the town centre and to identify which area of the town centre we should prioritise as the first phase of works – the new Civic Space.

This is your chance to view the design proposal for this Civic Space. Design work for other phases of the town centre is ongoing and you will be able to review the final developed designs in our Stage 3 design report later in the year.

How do I view the designs?

The online exhibition is available until 5pm on Friday 30 June.

In addition, we will host an in-person information event at BetterBriggs Community Garden – the area opposite Costa and Morrisons – on Saturday 17 June from 11am-3pm. Members of the design team will be on hand to discuss the plans and answer any of your questions.

You can also collect a printed copy of the design proposals from Bishopbriggs Library and Community Hub. If you require another format or language, then please contact us via the email address below.

Are these designs final?

Almost! We have selected a preferred option from the concept designs for the Civic Space and developed this in more detail. Scroll through the StoryMap to view the Civic Space design, which takes on board feedback gathered via the previous consultation exercises and shapes it into a defined vison for the space. The overall principles and context of the design are final, however, over the next few weeks we will be meeting with key stakeholders to refine our designs in terms of accessibility and inclusivity. We are also developing the designs for the sub-projects and subsequent phases of work. You will be able to download a copy of our report containing the developed designs in early autumn.

Proposals for a new taxi rank will be part of ongoing designs works for the wider town centre. We are looking at various options and a location will be set out in the final report due at the end of this summer. A taxi pick-up and drop-off point will be available at Morrisons.

When will this be delivered? Does this project have funding?

Yes, a £34.88 million City Deal investment has been secured for the Council’s City Deal Place and Growth Programme. The programme aims to support East Dunbartonshire's economy and links to the wider City Region across three project elements:

  • Delivery of Westerhill Development Road & Westerhill Masterplan
  • A803 Corridor Improvements
  • Bishopbriggs Town Centre Regeneration.

Whilst this funding will allow us to achieve some of the works in the town centre, it will be split across the three project elements. As such we do not have enough funding to deliver all of the improvements in full and will therefore be seeking additional support.

A phasing plan dividing the improvements into smaller sub-projects will be produced from this stage of work. We have already identified that the first phase will be to create the Civic Space.  City Deal funding conditions mean that it must be spent by 2026 so this first phase will be delivered by the end of 2026.

What about the other City Deal project elements?

Each of the project elements that make up the City Deal are at different design development stages. If you want to keep up to date with what is happening on each element, please sign up to our city deal mailing list (link opens in new window).

Who do I contact with my questions?

If you have any questions or comments please email us at