Appendix 6: Glossary

Alliancing A relationship in which people and/or groups agree to work together because of shared interests and aims.
Circles of Support A group of people, who are known to an individual, with a disability, and who support the person to identify and achieve their aspirations and goals.
Community Led Local community members work together to identify shared interests and goals.
Continuum Something that keeps on going changing over time.
Eligibility Criteria A framework which determines whether an individual’s needs meet the threshold for support.
Empowering Giving someone or a group the authority or power to do something.
Enabling Approach To regain and maintain life skills.
Financial Framework Detailed financial management arrangements
Institutionalisation Becoming less able to think and act independently.
Mixed Economy Market Parts of the services/support are provided and managed by the free market whilst other parts are provided and managed by government.
Options Appraisal A way of ensuring that we maximise the chances of securing the objectives for the service by identifying the most appropriate set of actions or outcomes.
Outcomes The consequence of an action.
Peer Support When people use their own experiences to help each other.
Personalised Meeting someone’s individual requirements.
Person Centred Focussing care and support on the needs of the individual.
Public Social Partnerships (PSP) Voluntary partnerships involving one or more organisations from the public and third sectors.
Stakeholders People or groups who are positively or negatively impacted by this Strategy.
Strengths Based Focussing on an individual’s strengths, including personal strengths (skills, knowledge and abilities) and their social and community networks.
Sustainable Models Developed to deliver value for all its stakeholders.
Tiered Approach Increasing the intensity of the interventions.
Whole System Identifying the various components of the delivery plan and working with stakeholders to assess the nature of the links and relationships between each component.