Appendix 3 – Additional Licence Conditions

In addition to the mandatory licensing conditions, the Council may impose additional conditions to a short-term let licence. Where the Council opts to impose an additional condition, it will set out the issue that is being addressed by the additional condition, the reasoning for the additional condition, the action required of the licence holder and the deadline for this action to be completed by.

The Council will review its list of additional licence conditions on a regular basis. Additional conditions may include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • The licence holder must take reasonable steps to manage the premises in such a way as to seek to prevent and deal effectively with any antisocial behaviour by guests to anyone else in the short-term let and in the locality of the short-term let.
  • The licence holder must take reasonable steps to:
    1. Ensure that no disturbance or nuisance arises within or from the premises, for example by explaining the house rules to the guests;
    2. Deal effectively with any disturbance or nuisance arising within or from the premises, as soon as reasonably practicable after the licence holder is made aware of it; and
    3. Ensure any vehicles belonging to guests are parked lawfully, for example explaining where any designated parking spaces are to be found and highlighting any local rules.
  • The licence holder must manage the premises in such a way as to respect and protect the privacy and security of neighbours.
  • The licence holder must ensure:
    1. Guests know and understand any particular rules applying to shared areas and entrances;
    2. Guests understand that shared doors should be properly and securely closed after use; and
    3. The provision of access codes or keys to guests cannot be used by guests to gain access to shared areas after they have finally departed.
  • The licence holder must ensure that the bedrooms, living room and hallway in the premises are carpeted.
  • The licence holder must ensure that noise monitoring equipment is maintained in full working order and that the maximum reading does not exceed [x] decibels between 7am and 11pm, nor [y] decibels between 11pm and 7am.
  • The licence holder must take reasonable steps to ensure that guests do not first arrive or finally depart from the property between the hours of 11pm to 7am. The licence holder must advise guests of this as part of their booking terms and conditions.
  • The licence holder must provide adequate information on, and facilities for, the storage, recycling and disposal of waste.
  • The licence holder must advise guests of:
    1. Their responsibilities;
    2. The use of the bins/ sacks provided for the premises; and
    3. The location of the nearest recycling centre or recycling point.
  • The licence holder must:
    1. Clearly label bins as belonging to the premises;
    2. Ensure that guests manage their waste in compliance with any relevant licence condition, including when they depart; and
    3. Maintain the bin storage area and the exterior of the premises in a clean and tidy condition.
  • The licence holder must not affix a key box, or other device to facilitate guest entry to the property, to any public or jointly owned private infrastructure without prior written permission of the relevant authority or owner(s). The licence holder must be able to produce the permission to the licensing authority on request.