Economic Development Strategy Survey

This consultation is now closed as of Thursday 12 May 2016

East Dunbartonshire Community Planning Partnership has a strategy for expanding the economy in the area and improving opportunities by supporting businesses, town centres and tourism among other things.

This strategy is in place until the end of 2016 and East Dunbartonshire Council are currently leading the research for the strategy to be reviewed and updated for 2017.

It is vital to get the views of local residents, community groups, businesses and partner organisations to ensure that our priorities and action plan for the next strategy are reflective of the needs of the area, and are as up to date as possible.

This survey has been designed to find out the usage of various attractions and assets in the area and find out what people want to see for the East Dunbartonshire economy.

The survey will be available until Thursday 12 May 2016

Please complete the survey as a business, resident, community group or a partner organisation (eg. public sector organisation, organisation representing businesses) depending on which you feel is most relevant to you and this survey. Should you wish to answer this survey as both a resident and a business, for example, then please take the survey again.

The Economic Development Strategy survey is now closed