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Agencies pull together to help you safe on bonfire night

Bonfire night is almost upon us – and while the thought of it might be exciting it is really important that the night is safe for you and those about you.

East Dunbartonshire Community Safety Partnership’s Bonfire and Fireworks Group has a joint protocol in place and all of the partners will be working with a common purpose to keep people safe and reduce antisocial behaviour on and around Bonfire Night.

The protocol aims to reduce the instances of bonfires being located in unsafe or dangerous locations where there is the possibility of injury to persons or damage to property. It also aims to minimise the effect of reckless and indiscriminate use of fireworks and where possible identify those involved in this type of activity. 

Chief Inspector Rob Hay from Police Scotland states, “Every year at this time, calls to emergency services increase and communities face misery caused by irresponsible and inconsiderate individuals. If you are not attending an organised display we suggest you consider carefully whether the use of fireworks is something appropriate to your neighbourhood. 

“Fireworks misuse can have a detrimental effect on community safety and the right of residents to live without fear, anxiety and disturbance and any antisocial and irresponsible behaviour can contribute to the many accidents leading up to and on the night of November the 5th. As such Police Scotland will in conjunction with our partners be proactively tackling the misuse of fireworks and illegal bonfires, with any breaches of the legislation associated with fireworks being robustly policed and offenders being reported to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Local Senior Officer Paul Connelly, from Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Argyll & Bute, East & West Dunbartonshire Area, said, “This is always a very busy time of year for our operational crews and often many of the calls we receive are in response to deliberate or malicious secondary fires.

“These types of incidents also have the potential to divert our resources from serious incidents where lives could be at stake. We would ask for your co-operation in keeping yourselves and your communities safe by ensuring that you do not allow an accumulation of refuse which could be ignited and also ensure that you follow our Firework Safety advice.”

Leader of East Dunbartonshire Council, Rhondda Geekie, added, “The Council’s Trading Standards Service enforces legislation on the sale and storage of fireworks at a retail level, and also has responsibilities in relation to illegal possession and use of fireworks.

“Fireworks can only be sold during specified periods in the fireworks season and anyone purchasing fireworks must be over the age of 18.  We will closely monitor registered and licensed retailers to ensure that they are operating within the law and not selling fireworks to people who are underage.”

Any local resident who wants more information about the sale of fireworks or who wants to report any illegal sale or storage activity is encouraged to contact the Trading Standards Team on  0300 123 4510 or by email at: trading.standards@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

The most important message is for everyone to follow the Fireworks Code – the following websites, both of which are very helpful, contain details of the Code:

Other simple steps and pieces of advice that we would ask all to follow include:

Attend a local organised display and don’t go near an ‘unofficial’ display where safety rules are ignored and where unsuitable fuels for a bonfire could potentially be a deadly hazard

Keep an eye on your children and don’t let them stray too close to any fire or fireworks

Consider others - people who are elderly, infirm or unwell will not appreciate the unwelcome noise generated by some fireworks

Keep dogs and other pets indoors and reduce the chances of them being frightened by explosives and the misuse of fireworks.

The Bonfire and Fireworks Group also works together in order to prevent illegal bonfires and fires. Anyone who has information about, or who is concerned about, the construction of a bonfire is encouraged to contact East Dunbartonshire Council’s Contact Centre on 0300 123 4510 or their local police office on 101.

Organised events taking place this year include:

  • West of Scotland Rugby Club, Milngavie – Sat 2nd Nov 2000 hours onwards
  • Broadwood, Cumbernauld – Mon 4th Nov 1730 hours onwards
  • Glasgow Green – Tues 5th Nov 1830 hours onwards
  • Strathclyde Park, Motherwell – Tues 5th Nov 1830 hours onwards

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    Date:  Wednesday 23 October 2013