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Emerging Local Development Plan

East Dunbartonshire Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP) for the area, which will replace the Local Plan 2. It is expected that the LDP will be adopted in 2016 and will be updated every five years thereafter. The LDP will guide the future use of land, set out proposals for development and provide the framework for dealing with planning applications.

Consultation on the Council's proposed Local Development Plan commenced on 1st April 2015 and ended on 27th May 2015. Full details can be found on our dedicated webpage:


Keeping Up To Date

If you would like to receive our regular "Newsletter", which includes details of the preparation of the LDP please email the policy team at development.plan@eastdunbarton.gov.uk or call 0300 123 4510.

Previous Local Development Plan newsletters are listed below:

Newsletter 1 - December 2011 (pdf) (58Kb)
Newsletter 2 - February 2012 (pdf) (63.66Kb)
Newsletter 3 - March 2012 (pdf) (26.30Kb)
Newsletter 4 - April 2012 (pdf) (164.75Kb)
Newsletter 5 - June 2012 (pdf) (43.15Kb)
Newsletter 6 - July 2012 (pdf) (226.50Kb)
Newsletter 7 - August 2012 (pdf) (41.09Kb)
Newsletter 8 - September 2012 (pdf) (17.70Kb)
Newsletter 9 - October 2012 (pdf) (13.11Kb)
Newsletter 10 - November 2012 (pdf) (32.4Kb)
Newsletter 11 - February 2013 (pdf) (22Kb)
Newsletter 12 - March 2013 (pdf) (88Kb)
Newsletter 13 - May 2013 (pdf) (196Kb)
Newsletter 14 - August 2013 (pdf) (365Kb)
Newsletter 15 - September 2013 (pdf) (726Kb)
Newsletter 16 - October 2013 (pdf) (473Kb)
Newsletter 17 - December 2013 (pdf) (471Kb)
Newsletter 18 - February 2014 (pdf) (551Kb)
Newsletter 19 - May 2014 (pdf) (444Kb)
Newsletter 20 - June 2014 (pdf) (312Kb)
Newsletter 21 - July 2014 (pdf) (457Kb)
Newsletter 22 - August 2014 (pdf) (456Kb)
Newsletter 23 - September 2014 (pdf) (553kb)
Newsletter 24 - January 2015 (pdf) (435kb)
Newsletter 25 - February 2015 (pdf) (502kb)
Newsletter 26 - April 2015 (pdf) (404Kb)
Newsletter 27 - May 2015 (pdf) (378Kb)
Newsletter 28 - May 2015 (pdf) (376Kb)
Newsletter 29 - June 2015 (pdf) (535Kb)

Additional Sites - Report of Consultation

Following Committee approval of the Main Issues Report on 27 August 2013, the Council embarked upon an 8 week consultation, commencing 9 September and ending on 4 November 2013.  During this consultation 28 additional development sites were submitted.

At its meeting on 6 May 2014 the Local Development Plan Working Party agreed that these sites would be made available for public comment. This was to ensure that the public and other interested parties could make their views known on these suggestions by developers and land owners, prior to the Council publishing its Proposed Local Development Plan.

A consultation was then carried out between 12 May 2014 and 20 June 2014. The following report provides details of the consultation including a summary of responses for each proposed site.

Report of Consultation on Additional Sites (pdf)(710Kb)

Previous Consultations

Development and Regeneration

Notice of Formal East Dunbartonshire Council - Main Issues Report (MIR) Consultation on Additional Site

Consultation Begins 31 October 2014 and Ends 21 November 2014

Notice under Section 17 (6) of the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006

Site LDP 57 Gartshore Estate (pdf)(175KB) was submitted to the Council during the Main Issues Report (MIR) consultation and is therefore subject to consultation as an Additional Site. Please note that this site is not being promoted by the Council as a future development option but is being consulted on to ensure consistency of approach to the previous Additional Sites consultation in May/June 2014. A site assessment has been carried by Council officers using the same methodology as that used for previous additional sites and is available to view at:


Alternatively, hard copies can be viewed at the Council Hub in William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch. Anyone wishing to comment on this site can do so by emailing development.plan@eastdunbarton.gov.uk, or by writing to:

Development and Regeneration
Broomhill Industrial Estate
Kilsyth Road
G66 1TF

All comments must be submitted to the Council by 5pm on Friday 21st November 2014. If you require further information please contact the Development and Regeneration Policy team using the above details or by telephone on 0141 578 8600.

Development and Regeneration

Notice of Formal East Dunbartonshire Council - Main Issues Report (MIR) Consultation on Additional Sites

Consultation Begins 12 of May 2014 and Ends 20 of June 2014

Notice under Section 17 (6) of the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006

East Dunbartonshire Council would like to invite comment on additional sites which were received during the Main Issues Report consultation October – November 2013.

Main Issues Reports are key documents in terms of front-loading effective engagement on the Local Development Plan (LDP). This Consultation forms part of the principal opportunity within the Local Development Plan preparation process for productively consulting stakeholders on the content of the plan.

Once produced the LDP will eventually replace the current adopted East Dunbartonshire Local Plan 2. The primary purpose of an MIR is to highlight and discuss new issues, put forward alternative policy directions, discuss settlement and spatial strategies and stimulate debate on identified areas of major change.

Details of the additional sites can be viewed online and physical copies of these additional sites can also be viewed at:

  • The Council Headquarters Offices at Southbank Marina, 12 Strathkelvin Place, Kirkintilloch G66 1TJ (Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm)
  • The Council's planning office at Broomhill Industrial Estate, Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch G66 1TF (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)
  • All public libraries throughout East Dunbartonshire and Council Hubs.

Any person wishing to make representations on these sites can do so by either writing to:

Development and Regeneration,
Broomhill Industrial Estate,
Kilsyth Road,
G66 1TF

or by emailing development.plan@eastdunbarton.gov.uk. All representations must be submitted to the Council no later than 5pm on the 20 June 2014.

If you require further information please contact the D&R Policy team via the above details or telephone 0141 578 8600.

The new additional sites suggested by the public during the East Dunbartonshire Main Issues Report consultation period are as follows: 

LDP194 Old Balmore Rd/ Balmore Farm

LDP188 Hayhill/ Robinsfield

LDP189 Castlehill Farm
LDP207 Boclair Farm

LDP183 Thomas Muir Ave/ Callieburn Rd
LDP196 Auchinairn Rd/ Crowhill Rd
LDP198 St Marys Road
LDP203 Former Westerhill Rail Sidings
LDP206 Westerhill
LDP209 North East Westerhill

LDP185 Duntiblae Rd
LDP190 Chryston Road/ Fauldhead South
LDP200 Wester Gartshore Farm
LDP208 Bankhead Rd- (Kirkintilloch/ Waterside)

LDP187 Glen Road
LDP197 Balcorrach Steading (Campsie Glen)

LDP181 Blacklands Place
LDP201 Crosshill Road

LDP180 Douglaston Golf Course
LDP184 Balviebank/ Stockiemuir Rd
LDP186 Glassford House

LDP192 Mount of Glorat
LDP205 East of Alder Road

LDP191 Wardend Road
LDP193 Former Acre Valley Nursery
LDP195 Meadowbank Farm/ Kelvin View
LDP202 Campsie Road
LDP204 East of Ferrymill Motors

Full details of each site can be viewed in our document on Additional Sites (pdf)(19.08Mb)

*Please Note the Additional Sites Report has been updated (5 June 2014) to reflect a small non-material change

Local Development Plan - MIR Report of Findings

On the 27 August 2013 the Council's Development and Regeneration Committee approved for consultation purposes the East Dunbartonshire Main Issues Report (MIR) and associated background technical reports. This represented a key milestone in the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP). Through the MIR consultation the Council sought views on the policy and development options that could eventually be included in the LDP.

Between 9 September and 4 November 2013 the Council undertook a consultation on the content of the MIR and associated technical reports. Due to public demand a two week period of grace was added to the end of the consultation period allowing participants until the 18 November to respond.

Details of the consultation, a summary of the findings that have emerged and lessons learned are contained within the body of the report. 

Report of Consultation Findings May 2014 (pdf)(3.8Mb)

Main Issues Report

The first step, in the production of the LDP is to publish a Main Issues Report (MIR), the purpose of which will be to identify the key changes which have taken place since the Local Plan 2 was prepared, whilst gaining an understanding of the key planning issues and development priorities that need to be addressed. 

The Main Issues Report consultation stage is now complete.  More information can be found on the Main Issues Report page. The following work has been carried out to inform the preparation of the MIR.

Housing Land Supply Workshops 

Consensus has emerged through the Initial Publicity and Engagement that there is an unmet need for quality affordable housing within the area. The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan and East Dunbartonshire Local Housing Strategy have confirmed that there is a significant shortfall in the level in East Dunbartonshire for affordable and private housing. In the earlier stages of engagement, a number of sites for housing were suggested by various participants in order to contribute to meeting these requirements (reproduced below). To assist with the process involved in assessing the suitability of these sites to meet the shortfall, the Development and Enterprise Policy Team held a series of workshops:

Date and Time


13 August, 2012  6pm – 9pm

Milngavie Town Hall, 71 Station Road, Milngavie G62 8BZ

14 August, 2012  6pm – 9pm

Memorial Hall, Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs G64 3BS

 30 August, 2012  6pm – 9pm

Glazert Hotel, 25 Milton Road, Lennoxtown G66 7DJ

A report of the workshops along with the map and posters displayed at the workshops can be found here:

Housing Land Supply Workshop - Report of Findings September 2012 (pdf) (4.27Mb)
Map of East Dunbartonshire (pdf) (2.95Mb)

LDP - 1 Bearsden Golf (pdf) (61Kb)
LDP - 2 Langfaulds (pdf) (80Kb)
LDP - 3 Kessington (pdf) (54Kb)
LDP - 4 Birnam Crescent (pdf) (45Kb)
LDP - 5 Wester Lumloch (pdf) (58Kb)
LDP - 6 Bishopbriggs North and Cadder (pdf) (87Kb)
LDP - 7 Langmuir (pdf) (52Kb)
LDP - 8 Braes of Yetts Farm (pdf) (55Kb)
LDP - 9 Saddler's Brae (pdf) (55Kb)
LDP 10 - Site adjacent to Carmelite Monastery (pdf) (36Kb)
LDP 11 - Waterside Road Gartshore Road (pdf) (44Kb)
LDP 12 - Fauldhead (pdf) (47Kb)
LDP 13 - Lenzie Rugby Football Club (pdf) (47Kb)
LDP 14 - Hunter Road (pdf) (33Kb)
LDP 15 - Dougalston Estate (pdf) (59Kb)
LDP 16 - Craigton Woods (pdf) (51.6Kb)
LDP 17 - Craigton Road (pdf) (54Kb)
LDP 18 - Redmoss Farm (pdf) (83Kb)
LDP 19 - Glenmill Works (pdf) (44Kb)
LDP 20 - South Lodge, Lennox Castle Hospital Site (pdf) (51Kb)
LDP 21 - Lennoxlea (pdf) (49Kb)
LDP 22 - Balglass Farm (pdf) (57Kb)
LDP 23 - Balmore Road / East of Paterson’s Laun (pdf) (49Kb)
LDP 24 - Kirkintilloch Gateway (pdf) (57Kb)
LDP 25 - North of Old Mains Farm (pdf) (43Kb)
LDP 30 - Roman Road - Vacant Site (pdf) (53Kb)
LDP 36 - Lairdsland School (pdf) (63Kb)
LDP 46 - Crosshill Road/ Boghead Road (pdf) (53Kb)
LDP 47 - Claddens South (pdf) (56Kb)
LDP 49 - Tambowie Farm (pdf) (55Kb)
LDP 52 - Birdston Road (pdf) (60Kb)
LDP 53 - Baldoran House (pdf) (51Kb)
LDP 54 - Antermony Road (pdf) (42Kb)
LDP 56 – Tower Road (pdf) (51Kb)
LDP 61 - Crossveggate (pdf) (57Kb)
LDP 76 - Blackthorn Grove, lock up site (pdf) (56Kb)
LDP 77 - Armour Drive, lock up site (pdf) (52Kb)
LDP 78 - Alloway Terrace (pdf) (59Kb)
LDP 79 - Cleddans Playing Field (pdf) (66Kb)
LDP 80 - Carlston Walled Gardens (pdf) (29Kb)
LDP 81 - Barhill Lodge (pdf) (43Kb)
LDP 84 - Boclair House, 100 Milngavie Road (pdf) (59Kb)
LDP 88 - Lenzie Hospital (pdf) (41Kb)
LDP 90 - Campsie View / Former Recreation Centre (pdf) (59Kb)
LDP 104 - Chestnut Lane North (pdf) (49Kb)
LDP 105 - Chestnut Lane South (pdf) (50Kb)
LDP 107 - 18 Strathblane Road (pdf) (42Kb)
LDP 109 - Well Lane (pdf) (58Kb)
LDP 110 - 132 Main Street (pdf) (43Kb)
LDP 111 - Tom Johnston House (pdf) (64Kb)
LDP 113 - Broomhill Depot - Kirkintilloch (pdf) (37Kb)
LDP 114 - Glasgow Road (pdf) (62Kb)
LDP 116 - Kelvindale Nursery (pdf) (65Kb)
LDP 117 - Huntershill (pdf) (72Kb)
LDP 118 - Bishopbriggs Memorial Hall (pdf) (72Kb)
LDP 119 - Jellyhill Nursery (pdf) (68Kb)
LDP 120 - Open Space at Balmuildy Road, North (pdf) (52Kb)
LDP 154 - Langfaulds South (pdf) (64Kb)
LDP 155 - Langfaulds North (pdf) (50Kb)
LDP 156 - Open Space at Balmuildy Road, South (pdf) (41Kb)
LDP 157 - Lairdsland School Canteen (pdf) (43Kb)
LDP 169 – Langmuir Road - Kirkintilloch (pdf) (33Kb)

Initial Publicity and Engagement

Initial publicity and engagement with wider stakeholders was carried out in November and December 2011, as part of the preparation for the LDP MIR. This included a pre-MIR workshop and questionnaire exercise, and the themes emerging from this will form an input to the MIR. A summary of the findings of this initial publicity and engagement is included here:

Summary of Pre Main Issues Report Publicity & Engagement (pdf)(2.65Mb)

This has allowed us to progress the research and development of the Main Issues Report

We have also provided copies of all the individual questionnaire responses received here. These are grouped by respondent types:

Agnes Dempsey  (pdf) (850Kb)
Alex Reid
 (pdf) (654Kb)
Bearsden & Milngavie Group - Ramblers Association
 (pdf) (824Kb)
Christopher McClory
 (pdf) (762Kb)

Citizens Panel - Response 1 - (please call 0141 578 8600 to arrange a viewing of this document)

Citizens Panel - Response 2 (pdf) (2.13Mb)

Craig Donnelly (pdf) (808Kb)
David Morrison
 (pdf) (643Kb)

East Dunbartonshire Council (pdf) (24Kb)
Fiona Cowie
 (pdf) (700.4Kb)
Fiona Patterson
 (pdf) (777.3Kb)

Gartshore Works - (pdf) (1053Kb)
Geddes - Stewarts Farm - Letter  Geddes - Stewarts Farm - Statement (pdf) (250.4Kb)

GL Hearn - National Grid (pdf) (1.59Mb)
Gregor Campbell
 (pdf) (740Kb)
GVA - Caledonian Properties
 (pdf) (881Kb)
GVA - Kessington - Site Plan
 (pdf) (152.3Kb)
GVA - Morrisons
 (pdf) (451.4Kb)
GVA - Paradigm Real Estate (pdf) (229Kb)

GVA - Paradigm Real Estate - Questionnaire (pdf) (883.6Kb)

Heather Cacciattolo (pdf) (656.6Kb)
Individuals at Leisure Centre Staff
  (pdf) (656.6Kb)
James Barr - Messrs Lawrence
 (pdf) (1.09Mb)
James Barr
 (pdf) (1.13Mb)
James Petrie
 (pdf) (1.13Mb)
Jeremy & Rachel Stewart (pdf) (679Kb)
John Diernney
 (pdf) (681.4Kb)
Kathryn Robb
 (pdf) (684Kb)

Keppie 1  - As Homes & Bearsden Golf Club  (pdf) (2.89Mb)  Keppie 1 - Cover Letter  (pdf) (82Kb) Keppie 1 - Questionnaire (pdf) (919Kb)

Keppie 2 - Cover Letter  (pdf) (899Kb) Keppie 2 - Industrial & Commercial Holdings - Douglaston - Questionnaire  (pdf) (899Kb) Keppie 2 - Planning Statement (pdf) (3.08Mb)

Keppie 3 - Wester Lumloch - Cover Letter (revised)  (pdf) (301Kb) Keppie 3 - Wester Lumloch  - Questionnaire  (pdf) (921Kb) Keppie 3 - Wester Lumloch - Supporting Statement (pdf) (3.6Mb)

Keppie 4 - Lennoxlea (pdf) (1.67Mb)
Keppie 5 - Langmuir
 (pdf) (1.57Mb)

Keppie 6 - Taylor Wimpey - Cover Letter Keppie 6 - Taylor Wimpey - Questionnaire (pdf) (1.04Mb)

Keppie 6 - Taylor Wimpey - Supporting Statement (please call 0141 578 8600 to arrange a viewing of this document)

Keppie 7  - Taylor Wimpey - Carmelite - Cover Letter (pdf) (525Kb) Keppie 7 - Taylor Wimpey - Carmelite - Questionnaire (pdf) (1.04Mb)

Keppie 7 - Taylor Wimpey - Carmelite - Supporting Statement (please call 0141 578 8600 to arrange a viewing of this document)

Keppie 8 - Redmoss - Aerial  (pdf) (182Kb) Keppie 8 - Redmoss - Letter  (pdf) (3.67Mb) Keppie 8 - Redmoss - Questionnaire  (pdf) (1.03Mb) Keppie 8 - Redmoss - Site Plan (pdf) (114.4Kb)

Keppie 9 - Clachan of Campsie - Indicative Site Plan (pdf) (75Kb) Keppie 9 - Clachan of Campsie - Letter (pdf) (3.82Mb) Keppie 9 - Clachan of Campsie - Location Plan (pdf) (65.2Kb) Keppie 9 - Clachan of Campsie - Questionnaires (pdf) (1Mb)

Lenzie Community Council (pdf) (1.25Mb)
Lyn Frame (pdf) (700.7Kb)
Mark Docherty
 (pdf) (637.4Kb)
Martin Mulgrew (pdf) (635.7Kb)
Matt McColl (pdf) (639.3Kb)
McInally Associates - Birnam Cres - Plans (pdf) (345Kb)  McInally Associates - Birnam Cres - Questionnaire (pdf) (906Kb) McInally Associates - Birnam Cres - Reps (pdf) (696Kb)

McInally Associates - Clober Golf Club - Plans (pdf) (417.3Kb) McInally Associates - Clober Golf Club - Questionnaire (pdf) (932Kb)  McInally Associates - Clober Golf Club - Reps (pdf) (757Kb)

McInally Associates - Kessington - Plans (pdf) (355.5Kb)  McInally Associates - Kessington - Questionnaire (pdf) (914.6Kb) McInally Associates - Kessington - Reps (pdf) (767.8Kb)

McInally Associates - Langfaulds - Plans (pdf) (450.1Kb)  McInally Associates - Langfaulds - Questionnaire (pdf) (755Kb)  McInally Associates - Langfaulds - Reps (pdf) (755.1Kb)

Milngavie Heritage Centre Group (pdf) (1Mb)
MIR - Pre Engagement - Brightwave Survey (pdf) (2.28Mb) 
Montagu Evans - Caledonian Properties
 (pdf) (1.91Mb)
Montagu Evans - Campsie Golf Course (pdf) (105Kb)
Montagu Evans - Balmore Garden Centre (pdf) (156Kb)
Muir Smith Evans - Mains Estate (pdf) (830KB)

NHS - EDC Community Health Partnership (pdf) (895.3Kb)
Philip Davies
 (pdf) (688.3Kb)

Pre-MIR Sites suggested by East Dunbartonshire Council's Housing, Greenspace and Estate Services (pdf) (5.69Mb)
Rosie Harrand (pdf) (755.31Kb)
Rosslyn Scott (pdf) (721.21Kb)
RSPB - LDP MIR Questionnaire (pdf) (986Kb)

Ryden - Faulhead - Plan
  Ryden - Faulhead - Questionnaire (pdf) (701.4Kb)

Sandra Williams (pdf) (743.7Kb)
Scott Kennedy  (pdf) (713.8Kb)
Scottish Natural Heritage (pdf) (786.3Kb)  Smiths Gore - Letter (pdf) (95.7Kb)  Smiths Gore - Location Plan (pdf) (211Kb)  Smiths Gore - Questionnaire A (pdf) (721.3Kb)  Smiths Gore - Questionnaire B (pdf) (789.5Kb)

Springfield Properties (pdf) (810.5Kb)  Springfield Properties - Sadlers Brae Kirkintilloch (pdf) (143Kb)
St Flannans Church - Lynch (pdf) (23Kb)

Stephen McDougall (pdf) (738Kb)

The Coal Authority - Planning Policy Objectives (July 2011) (pdf) (880Kb) The Coal Authority - Letter (pdf) (116.4Kb)

Unknown 1 (pdf) (654.1Kb)
Unknown 2 (pdf) (703.6Kb)
Unknown 3 (pdf) (756Kb)
Unknown 4 (pdf) (765Kb)
Unknown 5 (pdf) (822.4Kb)  We Like Milngavie (pdf) (1.44Kb)

Warren Consultants - Molloy (pdf) (746Kb)
William Brady (pdf) (819.4Kb)
WJM - Lenzie Rugby Club - Key Plan (pdf) (323.4Kb)
WJM - Lenzie Rugby Club - Map of Land Use (pdf) (2.05Mb)
WJM - Lenzie Rugby Club - Questionnaire (pdf ) (878.1Kb)

Last Reviewed: 25/06/2015

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