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Gritting - roads and pavements

Gritter lorriesEast Dunbartonshire Council’s Winter Service Plan endeavours to provide safe conditions for road users throughout the winter period from October to April.


There is a Roads Team on standby 24 hours a day to respond to any gritting requirements. The Duty Officer checks a dedicated forecasting service for highways three times a day and makes a decision on what action is required. There are three road sensors which give information on the current status of the road condition, road surface temperature and the amount of residual salt.

Weather Forecast:

Standard Gritting operations have ended for this winter and will resume again in October.
Gritting Action: No action required.

Gritting routes

The operational and financial resources available for the winter maintenance service mean that it is necessary to prioritise the treatment of carriageways and footways.

There are two classes of gritting route – Category One (Primary) and Category Two (Secondary).

The Primary routes cover 67% of East Dunbartonshire’s 510km of road and consist of:

  • Main roads
  • Bus routes
  • Access to fire, police and ambulance stations
  • Access to hospitals
  • Steep or dangerous roads
  • At least one access road to each school

The Secondary routes cover local and general access roads, less used industrial roads and cul-de-sacs etc, which are only salted during prolonged periods of adverse weather.

Footway gritting

Footways retain grit longer than roads and therefore require treating less often. We have specialised gritters for footways which are based in strategic locations throughout the East Dunbartonshire area. The main footway routes cover:

  • Main shopping areas
  • Footways adjacent to community centres and health centres
  • Footways near to sheltered housing and schools                                                                                                              
  • Steep or particularly wet footways that create enhanced risk

Precautionary gritting

In the event of freezing conditions being forecast, the Primary and Secondary Footway Routes will be treated in advance as a precaution. Where possible, routes are treated outwith peak hours depending on the road and weather conditions and forecast predictions.


The grit used is 6mm ground rock salt sourced from Ireland and England. The amount per square metre distributed by the gritting vehicle varies according to the conditions. The spread rate can vary from 10g per square metre in marginal dry conditions to as much as 40g per square metre in snow.

Grit Bins

More than four hundred grit bins are placed at strategic locations prior to the commencement of the gritting period. These are for public use and are regularly checked and refilled and can be viewed using the link provided above using the interactive mapping facility. 

Additional grit

Additional grit is available from Broomhill Depot, Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch. This is a facility for members of the public to self load into their own container.


The Roads’ fleet includes 15 demountable gritting lorries with snow plough attachments, one dedicated gritter lorry, one loader vehicle and 10 footway gritters with ploughs. 

Salt Dome

The Salt Dome built in 2002 houses the running stock of up to 5,000 tonnes of salt, keeping it dry to maximise its effectiveness on the roads. Storing the salt in the dome also protects depot vehicles, plant and equipment from the corrosive effects of salt contamination.


East Dunbartonshire Council’s gritting policy operates in accordance with Section 34 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 and follows the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974. A copy of East Dunbartonshire Council's Winter Service Plan 2014-2015 (pdf) (719Kb) is attached for your information.



Last Reviewed: 02/06/2015

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