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East Dunbartonshire Home

Care - at home

Carers dealing with male clientWe can arrange help for you at home if you are finding it difficult to manage on your own or the person who has cared for you is no longer able to do so.

Homecarers can provide you with:

  • personal care - for example, help with washing and dressing
  • some practical tasks in line with the Council's Eligibility Criteria such as, shopping, preparing food, laundry and housework .
  • help to look after a relative or friend at home.

Applying for help

If you or someone you know feels they would benefit from this service please call 0141 578 2101 to discuss and if appropriate, arrangements will be made to carry out an assessment.

If you are calling on behalf of someone, their permission must be sought prior to calling.

In most cases, the service will be provided by our own staff. However, on occasions, when our staff are fully committed or where you need substantial or more specialised help, we may contract with an approved voluntary or private agency.


An assessment will be carried out in line with the Council's Eligibility Criteria to determine if you need help to remain safely in your own home.  If you have a relative or friend who supports you, we would be happy to involve them in the discussion, if you wish.

You do not have to pay for the advice and information we provide or for the assessment. If you are aged over 65 and require help with personal care this will be provided without charge through the Free Personal Care scheme funded by the Government. There would normally be a charge for any other tasks of a more practical nature that we do for you and the amount will depend on your income.

The money the Council has to run the service means that we cannot meet everyone’s needs all the time. Some people will be in greater need than others and the assessment we do allows us to judge this. The Council therefore uses ‘eligibility criteria’ to help us decide who requires a service and there is normally a maximum amount that we can spend on any one person.

We will review the service you receive on a regular basis to ensure that you are happy with the arrangements and to check if your needs have changed. It may be that if you have come out of hospital the amount of support you require will reduce as you get back on your feet; in other cases people may need support increased over time.



Last Reviewed: 29/05/2015

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