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Household waste - special uplift for large items

You can arrange for us to collect bulky household rubbish that doesn't fit into your wheelie bin via our special uplift service. Household waste refers to items uplifted from a residential address.

There is a charge of £20.50 for a standard uplift, which must be paid in advance.  The charge does not attract VAT for household waste. This fee can be paid online by using the Pay it option (select Miscellaneous and choose Waste Management), you can also pay by telephoning 0300 123 4510 or at any of our community hubs

Please ensure items for collection are available as they may be uplifted at any time after your call and we aim to collect within 10 working days dependent on frontline service requirements.

If you have any DIY or contractor's waste and other particularly heavy items, the Council may quote a price for the provision of an ad hoc service, see charges section on this page. 

You can arrange a special uplift by completing the online form above or calling 0300 123 4510.  

Please be advised that only items specified by the householder will be uplifted.

What can be uplifted as part of a standard uplift?

  • furniture
  • carpets, rugs and lino
  • bags (ie old clothes, shoes, books, toys etc, but you must specify what is in the bags)
  • packaging and boxes
  • keep fit equipment
  • garden tools and lawnmowers
  • white household goods - washing machines, cookers, fridges, tumble dryers, scrap and household electrical or electronic items such as vacuums, TVs and PC monitors will be uplifted by a separate vehicle as these items are no longer accepted at landfill and are sent for recycling.
  • garden waste - is collected fortnightly in your green bin, however if you have excessive amounts which will not fit into the green bin such as tree cuttings and branches this would be chargeable.  To ensure that they are uplifted please tie them in bundles not exceeding four feet in length.

What can't be uplifted as part of a standard uplift?

  • builders/contractors waste
  • fixtures and fittings ( doors, skirting and windows etc )
  • house clearances
  • engine oil, car batteries or car parts
  • liquids, hazardous waste or gas cylinders
  • wood, laminate flooring, fencing
  • huts
  • pianos

Non standard uplifts or large quantities?

The Council may quote a price for the provision of an ad hoc service which will include all reasonable costs for collection and disposal. 

Examples of non standard items which will require a quote are:-

  • outbuildings - demolished garages, garden huts or sheds, fencing, large play houses, roof slates etc. If any of these items contain asbestos the householder will be notified and advised that this is hazardous waste, which we cannot collect.
  • DIY excess - bathroom suites, windows, kitchen units, dismantled built-in furniture and excess tradesman waste.

The uplift of chargeable items will be subject to an inspector advising you of the cost to remove the material in this category. If you are not at home an estimate will be left which will detail the charge and methods of payment. If you wish to continue, the uplift will be carried out within 10 working days following receipt of the payment.

Charges for Household Waste

The standard charge of £20.50 is applied to all standard uplifts. 

The following charges will apply for non standard items and larger quantities of material:-

Band 1 - £   46.35
Band 2 - £   61.44
Band 3 - £   91.60
Band 4 - £121.80

For larger uplifts pricing bands continue to band 12.  Details of these bands will be provided by the Inspector if necessary.

To arrange a special uplift of household waste use the button at the top or bottom of this page or telephone 0300 123 4510 .

Charges from commercial premises shall be subject to VAT.

Where do I put my items?

Items should be grouped together and put out for 7am after you request your uplift.

All items should be placed to the front of the property as near to the pavement as possible, within the boundaries of the garden.  If any of the stated items are not present or in a hazardous condition, the crew will not uplift or return for them.

Our Recycling Centre will accept bulky household items free of charge and you can also access a wide range of re-use and recycling facilities.

National re-use phone line

To encourage uptake of re-use services among Scottish householders, Zero Waste Scotland has a national reuse phone line on 0800 0665 820 for a free uplift.

The national re-use phone line works with community based re-use organisations across Scotland to provide the public with a high level of customer service when donating for re-use.  They accept a range of bulky items, including furniture in a re-useable condition, soft furnishings such as sofas, mattresses and armchairs that have fire regulation labels attached and electrical items such as washing machines, fridges and cookers in good working order.  Many other household items can also be re-used.

Private contractors carrying out work

Contractors and letting agents have a duty of care to dispose of any waste materials produced at the premises which is not collected as a standard collection.  Prior to any contractor carrying out any works you should check if they have a waste carrier's licence and will remove the waste as part of the contract.




Last Reviewed: 07/08/2015

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