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Get ready for winter

ready for winter logoHow prepared are you for the coming winter?

It’s only four years since Scotland experienced severe winter weather, with record low temperatures and snowfall. For many there are vivid memories of the widespread disruption to travel, burst pipes and damage to homes and businesses all over Scotland.

An average winter is likely to include cold snaps and snowfalls, ice, storms, high winds, heavy rain and fog, so the Scottish Government has published information to help you and your family get prepared early.

Ready Scotland’s website contains practical advice and simple steps you can take to protect yourself, your family, your community and your business from the worst effects of poor weather.

The Scottish Government also wants to hear from members of the public who have any experiences to share with others about how to deal with winter weather. You can send an email to ReadyScotland@scotland.gsi.gov.uk. to pass on your top tips for coping with winter weather to others who need help.


ready for winter logo, cartoon house, dog, carEast Dunbartonshire Council and other local authorities take considerable steps to maintain public services and keep roads clear, whatever the weather. But the key to being properly prepared is what you can do, in your own home, and with your neighbours, to minimise the effects of winter weather where you live and work. So don’t get caught out this winter.

Visit http://www.readyscotland.org/ today and start getting ready for winter.

Last Reviewed: 09/03/2015

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