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Primary School Improvement Programme

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East Dunbartonshire’s schools are recognised to be among the best in the country and the quality of our education is one of our biggest assets.

Our primary schools are facing serious challenges. School rolls are falling, and the cost of maintaining buildings is increasing. Curriculum for Excellence is changing the way we learn and teach, and at the same time budgets are being cut for all councils in Scotland.

By looking at how we can modernise and improve our primary school estate, we can improve the educational environment for our young people, and reduce the cost of running of our schools.

We know that parents, teachers, and pupils care deeply about their schools and we understand that schools are an important part of the communities in which they sit. In order to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to make their voice heard, we are continuing consultation and listening to your views. Your comments and your opinions are an important part of this process and will inform the decisions that the Council will make.

This website explains why and how we propose to modernise our primary schools and explains how you can get involved in the process.  We look forward to hearing your views and to developing a primary school estate that provides an enhanced educational environment for all our young people.



Last Reviewed: 05/12/2013